3 Amazing Ways to Make Your Pool Pop

Having a pool can be a real chore, but standing in your backyard and looking at the beauty that you have created is well worth the hard work. If you are looking at your backyard and thinking that there is something left to be desired, you may want to consider adding a few pool designs to your Arizona pool to really make your yard stand out. The whole point of a pool is to create an oasis in your backyard, so make sure that you love the way it looks! Here are a few pool design ideas on how to achieve that oasis feel in your backyard and really make your pool stand out.

Add a Waterfall

One of the most desired pool features we add to pool designs is a waterfall element. This can be achieved in many different ways and will give your pool a really nice feel, look, and sound. There is nothing quite like sitting on the back patio and listening to the water gently fall into your pool, creating an almost resort-style environment.

You can achieve this a number of different ways. One way is to use a faux rock waterfall that will cascade water down rocks and into the pool. These are especially great if you have a desert style backyard and want to add a bit of oasis feel. This can also be achieved through an elevated hot tub, raised platform, or even with decorative spouts.

Refinish Your Pool

Many people are tired of the same old drab pool plaster that lines thousands of pools across the country. One option you have is to refinish the pool with Pebble Tec or decorative motifs. Pebble Tec and pebble sheen are popular surface choices to make your pool stand out and give it a more natural spring look. You can choose from a number of different colors and styles to customize your Arizona pool design or the décor of your backyard. Choose a dark brown and black mixture to look like a natural spring, a blue color to make that water pop, or even a custom style depending on the rest of your yard.

Redesign Your AZ Pool Deck

Many times, the best method of making your pool look better is simply to refinish or replace your pool deck. This can include almost infinite options at your disposal. You can choose from different tiles, different deck materials, mosaics, and even a more natural stone look. Your choices are endless, and all of them will make you pool look amazing. For help with  swimming pool design ideas for the pool of your dreams, call New Image Landscape and Pools today!