Arizona Gardening Tips

3 Arizona Gardening Tips for Keeping Your Garden Healthy

There are so many tips and techniques to use to keep your garden healthy, no matter where you are lucky enough to have your garden. They may seem pretty basic, but if you get the basics down, you’ll have better success with your gardening. Here are our top three Arizona gardening tips for keeping your garden healthy.

Tip #1: Water

This may seem pretty obvious, but of course it’s pretty important, especially here in the Southwest. You can do everything else right, but if you forget to pay attention to the amount of water your plants are getting, they probably won’t make it. Of course, you can rely on Mother Nature to provide the right amount of rain at the right time, or you can do the watering yourself and not worry. Try using a drip system; it puts the water right where your plants need it. Even better, use a drip system on a timer. These systems are easy to adjust, so you can control the amount of water your plants get and when they get it. This is especially good if you have plants with different watering needs. And don’t forget to get a rain barrel or two and capture that free rain water!

Arizona Gardening Tips #2: Mulch

Mulch will provide a protective cover around the base of your plants. This protective covering will help protect your plants against those drastic temperature changes that occur so often here in the Southwest. Mulch also helps retain moisture in the soil, keeping the water where your plants need it. Organic mulches eventually break down, contributing to soil health (always a good thing), and a nice organic mulch will invite earthworms to your garden (another good thing). Mulching also helps with weed control; a 2”- 3” layer of mulch is all you need to keep those weeds down.

Tip #3: Clean Up

This isn’t just about keeping your garden looking pretty, that’s just a side benefit. No, cleaning up in and around the garden can also help cut down on pests and diseases. Clean up leaves as they gather on the ground and toss them in your compost pile. All sorts of pests (and not just insects!) can live under those dead leaves! And don’t forget about the plants themselves; clean away dead or damaged stems and leaves to keep your plants healthy. Use pruning shears for a sharp, clean cut at damaged stems.

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