Arizona Winter Plants

3 Arizona Winter Plants to Brighten Your Yard

Winter in Arizona can be the most beautiful time of the year, with the sun shining brightly and the daytime temperatures hovering in the high 60s, low 70s, or it can be a never-ending succession of storms, gray skies, and temperatures that are a tad chillier than we are used to! Fortunately, our bipolar weather tends to stay on the mild side most winters, but you may still feel that your yard needs a little brightening up, no matter how sunny the day. Maybe you decided to let your grass stay dormant this winter, or maybe you just love the look of plants. In either case, these three Arizona winter plants are just what you need to brighten your yard this winter!

Valentine’s Bush

Red is the color of romance, and this desert dwelling flowering plant is all about the romance; it starts blooming the end of December and comes to a full and brilliant appearance right around Valentine’s Day. Offering a touch of summer passion in the cooler days of winter, the dark green foliage is striking even without blooms, and being a desert plant, it does best when planted in full sun.


Coming in a variety of colors, it’s impossible not to smile when you catch sight of its blooms swaying in the gentle desert breeze. Your local garden store will more than likely sell bowls that are already blooming, which you can hang from the rafters of your porch or sit on the rail. This is a perfect winter plant for those whose thumbs are less than green! This annual is a popular plant for porches and window gardens but will die out at the end of the season, so if you’re looking for something you only have to plant once, stick to the perennials like the Valentine’s Bush we mentioned above.

Feathery Cassia

Hailing from Australia, the Feathery Cassia has adapted to our similar climate and produces brilliant yellow blooms from mid-winter to early spring, making it a popular plant for those who are worried about the bee population; bees love this plant and so do we! Plant in full sun, perhaps next to your Valentine’s Bush, and enjoy the contrast of fiery red and sunny yellow on the gray and chilly days of winter. This desert plant (and the Valentine’s Bush) requires little watering, so you’re doing a favor for the environment as well!

Arizona Winter Plants are Our Passion

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