Splash Pad

3 Reasons to Get a Splash Pad in Arizona

Splash pads are getting popular these days among families with kids. There’s nothing like playing in the water on a hot summer day. It’s fun, safe, and keeps the kids occupied for hours on end. We may have just summarized the main reasons why you’d want to install a splash pad in your yard, but the truth is there are far more important reasons to get yourself a splash pad in Arizona for the kids to enjoy—especially if you’re concerned about water safety or would rather have your children play in the water in a safe environment.

Safer Than Pools

Water safety is the number one concern of many parents. Pools are fun and all, but they come with risks, especially for those with small children. Splash pads on the other hand have little standing water which makes for little or no risk even with small children. The spraying nozzles allow the kids to play in the water as much as they like without any danger. They can crawl, jump, run, and dance in the water without the need for an adult keeping constant watch on them as is the case with pools and other large bodies of water.

Helps with the Child’s Development

Children at a young age need a lot of interaction with the environment around them in order to build their confidence and self-esteem. The sensory experiences splash pads provide are quite important for a child’s development. The water is a different medium that offers a lot of triggers that help build their brain and motor skills. As the child experiments with the water and learns about its unique laws of physics, they expand their knowledge of the world around them. And the best part is, the child gets to learn on their own. You won’t need to hover over them and teach them things; they get it all at their own pace.

A Splash Pad Suits Every Size and Budget

Unlike a swimming pool, a splash pad can fit within any space. You can customize them to suit any shape or design you like. You won’t need a large area to install a splash pad either; any space in your yard will do. You won’t need to have a fence around your property either. You turn it on when the kids want to play, then turn it off and forget about it. They require significantly less maintenance than pools do.

Splash pads are a great alternative for pools and suit every budget and location. Call us today to learn more about our great offers.