Beautiful Scottsdale Arizona backyard with custom-shaped pool water features and lit pergola by New Image

3 Reasons to Spruce Up Your Arizona Backyard

Many homeowners today, like the thought of extending their living space to their Arizona backyard. There are a variety of reasons why, but the three most common are:

  1. They want a nice landscape and pool design where they can build family memories and welcome their guests.
  2. Having a place for peace and relaxation in their backyard lowers their stress levels and is great for their health.
  3. They want to create a space where their kids can play and have friends over, away from video games, within the confines of their peaceful Arizona backyard.

Shrubbery, flowerbeds, plants, and trees make a house look and feel more like a home. A good mix of seasonal flowers and evergreen plants help keep your Arizona backyard looking at its best throughout the year. Trees are especially important here in the Phoenix Metropolitan area where they can act as a shade for your home against the hot desert sun and increased efficiency value while actually lowering your electric bill significantly. The plants are just one part of a good landscape design.

Pathways and walkways throughout your outdoor living space will bring personality, character, and value to your home. Waterscapes and water features combined with a mist system create a cooling effect and enable you to enjoy your property all year round. Different outdoor lighting options are available to match and enhance your landscape and pool design. With the many different options that are available today, your landscape can be as unique as you are!

At New Image Landscape and Pools, LLC we work with you to design the perfect landscape and pool to fit all of your needs and desires. We maximize the use of your outdoor living space, giving you the features you want with the room you need.

Having an updated landscape design in your front and back yards increase the property value of your home and give you the satisfaction of knowing that you have created the perfect home environment to raise your family and entertain your guests