3 Tips for a Luscious Winter Landscape

As winter grows near, living in Arizona means we don’t have to settle for a barren and desolate landscape; this is the time when our yards can bloom with the most beautiful of flowers! Winter rye grass keeps our lawns greener than our summer lawns, and warm-ish temperatures bring out the best in the flowers we plant. This guide to your Arizona winter landscape offers three special tips to ensure your home will be the talk of the neighborhood—in the best way possible!

Starting with the Winter Rye

Desert landscapes are popular in the Phoenix area, but during the winter, the deep and emerald green of winter rye can be seen in private yards and business landscaping all over the valley, and if a thick lawn is your dream, we can help make this particular dream come true! When the ambient temperature falls below 65 degrees at night, it’s time to start planting, and the steps are easy. Scalp your lawn, spread the seed, and top it with fertilizer. Water your lawn at least five times a day during the first two weeks, and watch the blades emerge one by one. In about 2 more weeks, your lawn will be a blanket of green!

Add Some Color to Your Arizona Winter Landscape

Warmer temperatures allow for flowers that bloom in a colorful cacophony of beauty. Including flowering plants such as geraniums, petunias, pansies, and snapdragons will ensure a fragrant and breathtaking sight. Grow them from seed or transplants, or simply purchase a colorful basket of them from your local home improvement store and place them strategically around your yard. Their cheerful colors will never fail to bring a smile to your face throughout the season! Planting winter vegetables will add some additional color to your landscape and to your winter table; stake out a section of your lawn for raised planter boxes and plant artichokes, carrots, cabbage, and broccoli during the winter season.

Touch up your Hardscape

Winter’s milder weather makes this season the perfect time to paint, and your wooden Adirondack chairs and garden gazebo have been looking a little less than fresh; pick your favorite colors and get to work. Even that garden bench you placed near the fountain in your back Arizona winter landscape could stand for a little touch-up with stain or paint.

Step Back and Take a Look

 The beauty and tranquility of your lush landscaping is sure to touch your soul as it becomes the place you never want to leave. Give us a call today and let us help give you the winter yard of your dreams!