3D Imaging: A New Approach for Envisioning Your Landscape

In the past, homeowners and landscapers approaching the design aspects of landscape and pools had to rely on only flat photos, sketches, and imaging software while fervently hoping that their vision was strong enough to mold these elements into a cohesive, functional landscaping project.

Now, with the development of 3D software, the landscaping and pool design game has changed drastically. New Image Landscape and Pools uses cutting-edge 3D imaging in order to develop and create the perfect vision for your design needs as a homeowner. Learn more about 3D imagining and how it can benefit you below!

How 3D Imaging Can Help

Original imaging software merely allowed you to take a photo of your home and paste custom cut-outs of images onto the front-most part of the scene, resulting in a somewhat photo-realistic complete picture of what the house would look like with the proposed landscaping arrangements. It was limited to viewing from only one particular fixed angle at a time, which oftentimes doesn’t allow for a full imagination of the project.

You could potentially create multiple angles by taking pictures from each angle and curating a picture library to match, but the process is time-consuming. Consequently, imaging software can lead to unrealistic expectations of how the finished product will look, causing you to feel disappointed when the final reveal doesn’t quite match up.

3D imaging software, however, allows the designer to work with shapes by drawing, viewing, or modifying them in three dimensions using x,y,z coordinates to give their drawings depth, height, and width. It also enables the user to move the model around and look at it from various angles, including walkthroughs on most standard programs. Images are created to look more artistic than photo-realistic, but they provide a more complete picture of the intended project.

3D imaging also provides space for greater imagination of individual details, as well as a greater accuracy of scale for the actual construction process. Unlike the static images of imaging software, 3D imaging allows you to see objects like pools, plants, and garden structures from multiple angles to determine how their placement and construction can best add to your yard.

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