4 Hardscaping Options to Boost Your Backyard Appeal

Our homes and the yards attached to them are our little kingdoms. They are the places we retreat to at the end of the day, where family and friends gather to celebrate the good occasions and mourn the sad ones, and places we go to feel safe. As much time as you spend inside your home, we’re sure that you’ve developed exactly the style and feeling you love, but what about the backyard? When you look out the window do you see a private oasis that envelopes you in warmth and happiness? Or, like most people, do you see a pretty and colorful yard that somehow is still missing something? We tend to concentrate on the softscape additions, as they cost less and involve instant gratifications, but if you’re missing these four desert hardscaping options, chances are your yard will come up lacking!

Start Small

A fountain is one of our favorite pieces to add to any landscape. Providing tranquility with the sound and beauty with the style, fountains come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, guaranteeing you can easily find the piece you love at the price you can afford. Hang a small one from the wall of your house or create a focus point with a large one in the center of your own enchanted garden; this is your kingdom and your choice!

Garden Paths Leading the Way

If your backyard is a large one, creating paths that lead to secret niches and hideaways adds an ethereal sense to your backyard. There are a variety of materials you can use to construct this path, from small stones (less than a ¼ inch in size is recommended) to brick, flagstone, cobblestones, or stamped concrete, all designed to make your backyard stand out in a sea of bland!

More Use for Flagstone

Chances are your back patio made of plain concrete does the job well, but sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants, and your heart is set on some flagstone additions that look just as pretty as they work! It doesn’t have to be flagstone, though; your patio can be recreated, extended, or rebuilt with most of the same materials as your garden path.


Whatever you want to call the small open structure you often see built in the backyard, this hardscape option shows your neighbors and guests that you are serious about your oasis! They offer a cool respite from the sun’s scorching heat, a serene place to enjoy an al fresco dinner on nice nights, and in some cases, the opportunity to watch the big game away from the noise and drama that’s going on in the inside of your home! Many homeowners are choosing to include televisions under the eaves to increase the opportunities for relaxation.

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 There are many more options for desert hardscaping your backyard and we would love to share them with you! Contact our team today and we’ll help you build the backyard you’ve always dreamed about.