Arizona Pool Maintenance

5 Arizona Pool Maintenance Tips To Know

When summer rolls around in Arizona, we ALL start dreaming about having a pool in our backyard. The heat can be too much in the desert, and nothing cools you off faster than a quick dip or an extended stay on a raft. For those of us who already have one, our summers revolve around the almighty pool. From pool parties to nighttime swims, we can’t get enough of that cool blue water-filled hole, but maintenance fears can often stop us from adding one to our yard. Because we don’t want you to miss out on the one yard item that can save your sanity each summer, we’re going to teach you five things you never knew about Arizona pool maintenance.

Automated Systems Make It Easier

Gone are the days where you spent most of your off-time cleaning and maintaining your system; today’s pool technology makes it easy! Timers turn on the pumps during cheap hours, pool cleaners creep along the bottom picking up the most debris, and aerators or waterfalls keep the water cooler for longer!

Variable Speed Motors are Much More Efficient than Single Speed Motors

Powered by earth magnets, they last longer because they don’t produce heat and they save you money, as they use much less electricity. Savings can pay for itself in three seasons and if you’re new to Arizona, you’ll appreciate that after you’ve experienced a few summer electric bills!

Drain Your Pool At least Every Other Year

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are solids left behind by the evaporation of the pool; when left unchecked, they can make it more difficult to maintain the proper chemical balance and can shorten pool equipment life.

Chemical Levels

Keeping pH (hardness of the water) and alkalinity (softness of the water) balanced is as important as maintaining proper chlorine levels.

Your Pool Will Still Need a Human Touch

Although technology has lessened the pool owner’s burden when it comes to pool maintenance, there will still be things that need to be done. Skimming the pool with a net, brushing the sides of the pool, and on saltwater systems, keeping the salt cell clean so it works efficiently.

New Image Landscape and Pools Can Take the Hard Work Out of Arizona Pool Maintenance

We happen to find the zen in pool maintenance, so if you aren’t willing, or aren’t able, to do the physical work yourself, give us a call and let us take care of your Arizona pool maintenance! Schedule an appointment today!