Multicolored textured stone pillars holding fire and water features by New Image, Mesa & Scottsdale landscaping company

5 Backyard Amenities You Never Knew you Needed

Until relatively recently, a well-appointed backyard might have a swing set for the children, a pool and spa for everyone, and maybe – if you felt like walking on the wild side – a Tiki Bar for the adults.  The neighbors would ooh and ah and go back to their own homes feeling jealous and disgruntled over their own boring backyard and start saving their pennies to invest in improvements while life continued at a slow and orderly pace with few surprises and even fewer excitements.

Then our people at New Image Landscape and Pools came into the picture and life as you have always known it changed forever.  Today, people have swim-up bars, pagodas, waterfalls in their pools – even greenhouses in their their backyards, creating a luxurious and spa-like atmosphere that makes you feel as if you never want to leave home.  Below is a list of what we consider the top 5 backyard improvements.

  • Waterfalls – Nothing is more soothing than the sound of running water…why not add a waterfall feature to your pool?  They come in a variety of sizes and styles, from simple rock formations, to concrete scupper bowls that allow the water to pour over wide edges, and everything in between.  Add fire for drama, LED lighting for beauty and for the practical purposes of being able to see when swimming at night.  A waterfall, no matter how simple or how elaborate you make it, also keeps the water circulating, keeping it cleaner and keeping it cooler on the hottest of summer days.
  • Pergolas –The Arizona sun can be scorching, but you still want to dine outdoors? A pergola built on a raised deck adds a stunning design element to your yard, while protecting you from the sun’s searing rays.  Train plants and flowers to grow up and over the wooden frame to add that extra touch of artistic beauty and hang long curtains for a touch of romance and privacy.
  • Fire Pits –We live in the desert, but locals know that once the sun drops behind the mountains, the nights can be practically frigid. Building a fire pit can ward off the chills, creating warmth with style – and a great place to relax with family and friends.  Turn on your newly installed waterfall,  pour some refreshing beverages and pull up a few chairs around the fire pit for a tranquil night with friends and family.
  • Swim-Up Bars –You’ve seen them in fine resorts, but did you know you could have one in your own private backyard pool? Your backyard barbecue will really be hopping once you install a swim up bar in your pool.  Choose the material that excites you the most – even stained wood can be made into a pool bar.  We can install electricity, water, gas and lighting…you just need to provide the alcohol.
  • Negative Edge Swimming Pools –Your home is nestled into the side of a mountain, or built upon a plateau and you are planning to build a pool that adds to the beauty of the panoramic vista that surrounds you? A negative edge pool, more colloquially known as an infinity pool, is something you could consider.  Built to look as if it has no boundaries, the water just drops off into nothingness, creating a vision of beauty that doesn’t compete with its surroundings.

Just a sample

This is just a sample of what we at New Image Landscape and Pools  can do for you…isn’t it time to stop dreaming and start doing?  Give us a call and see what our over 30 years of experience can do to help you create a backyard Shangri-La!