5 Interesting Pool Features

Having your own pool is a luxury that allows you to enjoy water fun at your leisure. If you are interested in building a custom pool, there are several pool features that you should consider, as they can greatly increase both pool aesthetics and your own personal enjoyment. Here are five interesting pool features but are guaranteed to add value to your custom pool experience.

Automatic Cover

While you may be aware that having a pool cover is important for keeping your pool clean and safe, the automatic option is a convenience that should be considered. With a touch of a button, you can conceal an unkempt pool, keep children and animals safe, and conserve energy. This is definitely a worthwhile pool feature.

Fire Pit

Ambiance is everything. So, why not add a little to your pool environment with a fire pit. A fire pit creates a warm glow that also offers some much-needed warmth after exiting the pool.


Another one of interesting pool features is plants around your pool that serve multiple purposes. They are a decorative addition to the area surrounding your pool while also providing natural shade. Planters can also provide a barrier that prevents debris from falling into the pool.


If you really want to step up your pool, consider adding a grotto. Grottos are natural or man-made structures that provide an enclosed, cave-like covering for the pool. The most beautiful grottos are usually made from stone, but you can use the materials that are most suited to your budget and personal preferences. Grottos are often used to direct water into the pool and create a serene waterfall-like effect.


Make the most use of your pool by adding spa elements. It’s like having your own personal spa in your backyard! You can include such spa elements as heaters and powerful jets to increase the uses of your pool. Many people use their pools not only for enjoying a swim but for the health benefits associated with hydrotherapy. These additions are a worthy investment.

Learn More About Interesting Pool Features

With the various options available when building a custom pool, it can be difficult to decide which options are best for your custom pool project. At New Image Landscape and Pools, we specialize in turning your pool and hot tub visions into reality. From landscaping to construction, we work closely with our clients to make sure that their visions are created within budget.