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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Landscape and Pool

If you want to set a goal for this year, maybe you should set a goal for your Arizona yard. It’s a lot of space; you should use it to its full potential. Make one of these resolutions and you’ll be able to brag about them all year—once you follow through, of course!

Get Rid of Dead Space

You might have a little, you might have a lot, but odds are you have some spot in your yard that is nothing special—just dirt. Find out what you can do to make this Arizona landscaping more appealing, from rock features that complement the yard to small plants that lend some life to the picture.

Use the Patio Table

Like fire extinguishers, patio tables are way more common than their usage frequency might suggest. And since patio tables aren’t potentially life-saving, why have them? This year, go out and enjoy your patio table more! And if necessary, incentivize this by installing a pagoda, then hook up some fans, misters, and/or a TV. Before you know it, your friends will want to use your patio table, too.

Remove the Ugly Plants

Have you been leaving an ugly plant in your Arizona yard just because you don’t want to get rid of it? Be honest: Is that plant probably or certainly dead? This year, finally get rid of it—and discover what an opportunity you’ve been missing out on. With that space open, new ideas will flood to your mind—and if not to yours, ask us! We can even give you ideas on what that space could be before we take the old wood out.

Spice Up the Pool

In Arizona, you can use your pool six months a year or more. It’s good for relaxation, it’s good for exercise, it’s good for social occasions… it just isn’t always good to look at, and sometimes you look at it and just see a hole in the ground. This year, make your pool stand out. Install misting systems, jet fountains, or spillover spas to turn your aquatic playground into a work of art.

Cut Down Your Costs

You may find your backyard Arizona landscaping isn’t worth what it’s costing you. If that’s the case, pitch the current design or modify it to lower costs, including energy and, especially, water—landscaping is probably the most water-thirsty thing your house does. So, call up New Image Landscape and Pools and see why we’re one of the best Arizona landscapers.

New Year, New Image

If these resolutions sound good to you, contact New Image Landscape and Pools at 480-654-4422. We’ll help anyone in the East Valley improve their yard and their year with our fabulously-reviewed services. Find out why we’re one of the best landscapers in AZ!