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5 Pool Issues

5 Problems Your Pool May Be Having (and their hidden causes)

We all love our pools when things are going smoothly. What’s not to love about a cool turquoise pool that’s clean sparkly and offers so many ways to make our lives that much better? Pool parties, exercise benefits, and of course, just having a place to chill during the hottest days of the summer; the benefits of owning your own pool are limitless. Or are they?

The dark side of pool ownership is rarely mentioned by the contractors building your pool, and once they get you started, you are on your own, feeling confused and overwhelmed by the swampy green water that is attracting bugs and the weird noises that accompany pool equipment not doing its job properly. Keep reading for solutions to some common pool problems.

Your Chemical Levels Are Right, But the Pool Is Still Turning Green

Many people do not realize that as the seasons change, it is necessary to adjust the run time on your equipment. Summer requires the equipment to run the longest, with winter requiring the least amount of run time.

Your Filter Pressure Keeps Running High No Matter How Much You Backwash It

The official term for this condition is “short cycling,” which refers to the deterioration of internal media in your filter. If you have a diatomaceous earth or cartridge filter, replace the grids/elements. If you have a sand filter, you need to dig out the old sand and replace it with new.

I’ve Replaced My Grids/Element/Sand and It’s Still Short Cycling

Pools need to be drained every other year; short cycling can also be caused by “expired water.” Drain your pool and your pool issues should disappear.

My Pool Water Is Almost as Hot as My Bath Water

We live in the desert, and our summer temps can remain consistently above 100 degrees for months at a time, so it should be no surprise that your water temperature should be on the warm side during the later months of summer. Most pools are equipped with an aerator or a fountain (or both), and running them every day can cool your water substantially.

My Pool Equipment Causes a Substantial Increase in My Electric Bill Each Summer

A new variable speed pool pump can be the solution to your electric bill woes, using a third as much power as a standard pool pump. The initial cost may be a little steep, but the overall savings make these technological wonders worth it!

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Pool ownership can be both scary and wonderful. For more information about these issues or any others you may be having, give us a call and schedule an appointment to let us help erase the scary and increase the wonderful!