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5 Pool Maintenance Tips

As summer draws near, its time to stop looking at the water-filled hole in the ground as a constant reminder of all the things you need to do and start looking at it as the summer oasis you’ve always intended. We tend to get a little lazy about pool maintenance during the winter months because we don’t put the time IN the pool. As long as it isn’t green and too debris-filled, many feel they’ve done what needs to be done and can slack off until warmer days. Well, warmer days are here; isn’t it time you got serious again about your pool maintenance? Here’s a list of the top five pool maintenance tips that will help your pool get back to sparkling in no time!

Net, Pole, and a Brush

It’s time to start with the basics. Every pool owner should have these three tools in their pool tool arsenal, and while there’s nothing overly exciting about skimming and sweeping down the sides of your pool every day, there’s a lot of zen to be found in the simple motions required.

Proper Chemicals

The proper balance of chemicals is crucial to the continued good health of your pool equipment. Test kits can be bought at any pool or home improvement stores, or you can hire a pool service like New Image Landscape and Pools to do the hard work while you sit back and reap the benefits!

Equipment Maintenance

Keeping your pool equipment in good shape is equally important. No matter how diligent you are about skimming, brushing, and keeping the chemicals balanced, if you don’t keep your equipment in good repair, all your efforts won’t help a bit. Adding a backwash hose to your pool tools will help extend the life of your pool; when the pressure goes up, backwashing the pool water helps bring it back down.

Keep Dogs Out of Pools

A dog can be as dirty as one hundred people jumping in your pool at once; can you imagine what that might do to your filtration system?

Maintaining Greenery Around Pools

Another important tip to maintaining a clean and clear pool is in maintaining the landscaping that surrounds it. Do not plant deciduous trees, or ANY trees, for that matter, any closer than eight feet away from the pool; the leaves they shed can clog your pool equipment, and the root systems from the trees can break pipes and lift decking, causing thousands of dollars in repairs.

Pool Ownership Can Be Rewarding

But pool maintenance can also be a lot of very hard work. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment to see what we can do to put the fun back in your pool parties and take the burdens away!