Scottsdale Arizona sprinklers

5 Things to Know About Sprinklers

Sprinklers themselves seem simple—you program them to turn on and off at certain times, then you let them water your lawn and garden so you can take care of something else. It’s pretty easy, once they’re installed. However, if you don’t have a sprinkler system yet, there are a few choices you’ve got to make that aren’t so cut-and-dry. Here’s what you should know!

Why Get Sprinklers at All?

There are a few disadvantages to watering using an automated system, such as their susceptibility to wind. However, for most people, the benefits outweigh the costs. Convenience is key, and automated watering defines convenience. Plus, most watering systems are adjustable, making them just as amenable to your garden as your personal touch.

Spray Heads Vs. Rotor Heads

Unless your lawn is particularly spacious, you probably want a spray head—they’re the typical lawn sprinkler that covers a circular area. The type of nozzle you give your spray head can really lend personality to your lawn—you can pick from hunter, Nelson, weathermatic, rain bird, and more! Rotor heads are the far-spraying sprinklers that one sees at large fields, covering water in an arc.

The Difference Between Gear-Driven and Impact Rotors

If your lawn is large enough to merit rotor-head sprinklers, then you’ll want to consider what kind of rotor you need. Impact rotors are long-time standards, and each one can last many years. That said, gear-driven rotors are often preferred—they require less maintenance, and are cheaper and quieter.

Fixed Designs Are Limited in Use

Most sprinklers are what are called the “pop-up” design—and for good reason. The other type, fixed, are like high-rise sprinklers, too tall to retreat into the ground when done spraying. They are, frankly, not usually attractive. They have one particular use where they outshine their pop-up counterparts: providing water to elevated or high-reaching plants. Otherwise, we really must recommend pop-up sprinklers.

You Need Someone Knowledgeable to Install Them

To really get the most out of your sprinkler system, it needs to be installed by someone who really understands the way a sprinkler system impacts your yard—where the water will fall, which plants need it most, and the like. That’s why you should entrust your sprinkler installation to New Image Landscape and Pools—we know the best way to maximize your sprinkler system to the benefit of your whole yard. Call us at 480-654-4422 to learn more.