5 Tips for Building the Best Pool at Your Home with the Help of Arizona’s Best Pool Builders

In the Phoenix area, pools are a fantastic investment, useable at least six months out of the year. The benefits are many: exercise that puts little stress on the joints, a refreshing way to get some vitamin D in summer, a playground for kids, and an excuse for social events. Not all pools are created equal, though—how can you make the best pool possible?

While there are some obvious issues to avoid—don’t build a pool beneath a powerline, for instance—here are some tips about placement and features that you might not have thought of to make the best pool.

Avoid Evaporation by Protecting the Pool from Wind

If you’ve got some planters or a row of tall cacti, try keeping them between the pool and wherever the most wind comes from. Wind increases the rate of evaporation, meaning the water will need to be refilled more frequently.

Let the Pool Get Plenty of Sun

While trees make excellent wind-blockers, they’re not the best options for features adjacent to a pool. A pool should get as much sunlight as possible—while this may increase evaporation, it makes up for it by heating the pool, and also helping to keep leaves out.

Leave Room for Accessories!

There are quite a few accessories that people like to add to pools, whether at the time of their construction or after they are built. This means that pools take up quite a bit more space than the pool itself. A shed for the pool skimmers and cleaning chemicals, space for a slide or diving board, a volleyball net—the list goes on, but the point is you may need extra room to set these up. If you’re trying to “squeeze” the pool in, you may want to reconsider its size.

Adjacent Pools Can Be the Best Pools!

If you’re going to put in all this plumbing and clean it every week, then why not add an extra aquatic feature to it? Most commonly this is a spa or hot tub made not for swimming, but relaxing. Tanning decks, however, are also popular—these elevated shallow pools are cooler places to relax, and can double as kiddie pools.

Visual Ornaments

If you’re installing a pool, you might try to make it adapt to your current landscape—or you can make it improve it! There are a few visual additions you can make to pools to make the entire yard more impressive and appealing. Sheer descents are waterfalls that flow straight into the pool, and serve as eye-catching focal points for the yard. Deck jets gracefully shoot water into the pool, letting it double as a fountain. If the rest of your yard is all about class and beauty, then these additions might be for you.