5 Tips for Landscape Maintenance in Fall

The incredible heat of the summer in the desert brings a lot of challenges to maintaining a nice landscape. After much of the heat has dissipated, it can be easy to cast the burden aside and relax. While landscape maintenance in the fall is a fraction of that in the summer, it is still important to stay on top of it. Continuing to maintain your landscape is important during the fall because this is the time when you are getting ready to spend more time enjoying the outdoors. Here are a couple of easy steps you can take to ensure your yard is as healthy as possible this fall and in the seasons to come.


The fall is the perfect time to fertilize the trees and bushes in your yard. As the temperatures begin to decrease, these plants will cease to grow above the soil, and will focus on expanding their network of roots. Fertilizing just before this process begins is the best way to promote the strongest root system possible, which will result in healthier trees and plants throughout the entire year.

Ensure Trees are Healthy

The monsoon season that has just passed can be a very difficult time for a tree. That is why in the fall, it is necessary to check the tree for damage and attempt to mitigate any further damage. Compromised branches should be removed from the tree. It is also possible that the root structure was damaged in the storms. If this is the case then you should stabilize the tree by staking it.

Maintain Your Pool

This is not nearly as strenuous in the fall as in the summer, but it is still important. During this time, you should check your pool chemistry once every week or two to ensure it is within a pH of 7.2 to 7.8. Also, it is vitally important to stay on top of the debris entering your pool, since there will be a lot falling from the trees during this time. Emptying your skimmer, along with removing debris from the pool surface, is vitally important.

Instantly Add Character with Fall Flowers

This is a luxury that we have in Phoenix that is unknown to so many parts of the county. While people all over the country are neglecting their yards before the cold and dark days of winter arrive, we are getting ready to enjoy the outdoors more than ever. That is why it is so much fun to fill your landscape with the vibrant colors of fall with different flower arrangements. This small effort goes a long way in transforming your landscape into an autumn paradise.

Get Your Grass Ready for Winter

Bermuda is the most common grass in Arizona landscapes, and it tends to turn brown in the winter. If you want to maintain that beautiful green lawn through the winter and into the spring, then fall is the time when you need to over seed your lawn. It is important to not do this every year though, because consistently doing so is very hard on your grass.

While the toiling of caring for a landscape in Phoenix, Arizona is significantly less in the fall, there are still a few simple processes that will keep it looking beautiful. Follow these general steps to ensure your yard is looking beautiful through the fall and into the winter.