5 Ways to Improve Your Pool Skimmer

Spring is upon us and its almost that time of year where your swimming pool becomes a hot commodity. As the weather warms up, so will the water in your pool, and people will be dying to escape the heat by taking a dip. However, you may have let the pool get a little dirty over the winter and your pool pump may not be able to handle the Arizona pool maintenance on its own. Here are a few ways to help improve your swimming pool skimmer and give your pool that showroom style look.

Empty Our Your Skimmer Bucket

Most pool filtration systems have a skimmer that will bring in leaves and floating materials from the surface of the pool and trap them in a pool skimmer basket. On many modern pools, there may even be a secondary pool skimmer basket as well. Your pool’s cleaning system relies on a constant stream of pressure created by the system. The water is brought into the system through a swimming pool skimmer on the surface of the pool and the underwater vacuum that is filtered and then blasted out through your pool’s jets. This system is a delicate process that can be dampened by blocked up pool skimmer baskets. This lowers the pressure and therefore lowers the effectiveness of your swimming pool maintenance. Be sure to regularly empty your pool skimmer net or basket to keep things running smoothly.

Use Your Handheld Pool Skimmer

Most pool owners have that long metal pole with a manual swimming pool skimmer attached. This can be a pain, but removing the larger debris can help increase the productivity of your swimming pool maintenance system. Weekly skimming, along with regular swimming pool maintenance, can dramatically help your pool’s effectiveness.

Skimmer Socks

Once your pool is up to shape, a great way to remove smaller debris is with a skimmer sock. Many pool skimmer baskets have pretty large holes that will catch large debris like leaves, but miss smaller things. This is to ensure adequate pressure through the system. A skimmer sock is a filter liner that goes into the pool skimmer basket to catch the smaller debris.

Add D.E. Powder to Your Sand Filter

Sand filters have a hard time filtering smaller debris. Using a cup of D.E. powder in your sand system will help the sand filter out smaller debris and make your pool even more clear.

Remove Oil with Tennis Balls

One thing swimming pool skimmers can’t remove is oily residue from the top of the pool water. This comes from people and objects getting in the pool and leaving behind their oils. One way to get rid of this oil is to float tennis balls on the water’s surface. The tennis ball soaks up the oils and leaves clear water behind. You can also put them in the skimmer basket if you don’t want tennis balls floating visibly.