5 Ways to Turn Your Backyard into a Summer Sun Refuge

Some people think that Arizonans can’t enjoy the outdoors in summer; this is simply not true. Your yard is a beautiful part of your home, and you should be able to enjoy it any time of year. To work around the scorching summers, consider these five landscaping features you can add to your backyard:

Pagodas and Ramadas

These features are ideal for creating shade, and work best with other man-made features such as chairs, tables, and built-in barbecues. They provide the perfect place for congregating, whether for breakfast or a party. They’re also popular places to mount TVs and sound systems—for some, the shade is just a bonus!

Shade Trees

Trees can take some investment, but are well worth the outcome. Not only do they add natural beauty to your yard, but they also provide protection from the sun. Consider combining shade trees with other features to minimize how much sunlight hits your favorite places in the yard—for instance, having shade trees that will block the sunlight from hitting beneath your pagoda until the sun is high enough for the pagoda to be in the shade.


Arizona may be the only place where people complain that their pool is too hot, but waterfalls are a clever way to address that complaint. Add a waterfall to your pool, and even the sound it makes will feel refreshing! It adds place of respite to the pool, where you can float or stand beneath the cascade and let it cool you off.


These are popularly employed by restaurants to make their outdoor seating areas more pleasant—why not have them in your own backyard? Misters can be set up right next to the pool to make lounging more luxurious, or can be mounted from pagodas and ramadas to make seating areas all the nicer. Just turn them on whenever you go out you’ll no longer dread the heat!


Without proper lighting, you can’t enjoy your backyard at night—which is, by definition, the best time to avoid the sun. Lighting should be considered after you’ve already decided on what you want your backyard to be for. Do you expect you’ll be enjoying nighttime swims, or are you aiming for backyard barbecues? When you know what you want out of your backyard, look at how the right lighting can improve the experience.

All These and More!

If you want to enjoy any of these sun-busting features this summer, call New Image Landscape and Pools today at 480-654-4422 to get your renovations underway!