New Image Landscape and Pools Memorial Day Celebration in Phoenix

A Built-In Barbecue Makes for the Perfect Memorial Day Party Centerpiece

For years you’ve been known as the undisputed King of Backyard Barbecues, and for very good reasons: Your lawn is immaculate, your pool is sparkling, and let’s face it, no one runs the grill with the same panache and skill as you do! Your people skills are obviously sparkling and magnetic, because the entire neighborhood is drawn to your holiday celebrations and special parties like moths to the flame! One thing is missing, though, one thing that can ensure you hold your title for years to come, and with Memorial Day just around the corner, now is the time to consider that built-in barbecue you’ve been dreaming about for so very long!

The Centerpiece for Every Occasion

The barbecue has been the focus for backyard get togethers almost since the day it was first invented, giving food that smoky taste and juicy flavor that you can’t get anywhere else. If you want your Memorial Day celebration in Phoenix to shine, a built-in barbecue is the only way to go! Offering enough space for the king to spread out the ingredients to his super-secret barbecue sauce recipe (apricot jam adds a delicious sweetness to any sauce!) plus cleanup areas and an area for a mini fridge to allow him brain lubrication as he creates, the only limits to what you can add to your centerpiece are your imagination and your wallet.

We’ve created entire outdoor kitchens that came complete with wood fired pizza ovens, charcoal and propane grills, and stainless-steel storage drawers! No need to run in and out of the house to get your supplies; just buy an extra set and store them where they are used the most! A tile or granite bar gives your guests a place to place their drinks as they offer their suggestions to the king of the grill, and if you want to get really fancy while staying cool, adding a gazebo or pergola to block out the sun gives your centerpiece the finishing touch you never knew it was missing.

Not Sure Where to Start Before Your Memorial Day Celebration in Phoenix?

With a built-in barbecue from New Image Landscape and Pools, this year’s Memorial Day celebration is guaranteed to be the talk of the neighborhood, and your reign as king will remain undisputed! It can be overwhelming when you see all the options possible for your built-in barbecue, but our kind and helpful experts can help. Give us a call today and we’ll discuss the ins and outs of bringing your backyard oasis to the next level!