Customer Service

A few of the most important things our AZ landscaping services promise to provide.

Here at New Image Landscape and Pools LLC, customer service is something that we take pride in. Not only do we do our best to ensure your pool or landscape project is completed with dignity, refinement, and success, but we also want to make you feel welcome while we do so. With that in mind, we offer the following warranty on our AZ landscaping services. All shrubs, trees, vines, plants, and cacti are covered under our 180 day limited warranty, guaranteeing your yard will look just as beautiful six months from now as the day of initial installation. And, because we only use top-of-the-line equipment and supplies, we also offer a 1-year limited warranty from the date your project is completed on your irrigation system—including emitters, the main line, the timer clock, and valves.

Our Warranties
However, because of the nature of work we provide, these are not the only warranties we provide. One of the warranties that truly shows how dedicated to and confident in our work we are is the 3 year warranty on all of our AZ landscaping projects. Though every aspect of our services includes sometime of warranty, this warranty guarantees all projects, taking care of any major issues that have not withstood “normal” wear and tear, or the test of time.

Other warranties include: a limited lifetime warranty on a variety of our pool projects, 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on Lighting Systems (fixtures & transformers), 3-year manufacturer’s warranty on Pentair Pool Equipment, Limited Lifetime Warranty on New Image Pool “Structural Shell”, and a Lifetime Warranty on Infloor Cleaning Systems (parts & materials).

Truly, we are dedicated to serving you, no matter what! Our employees are the best in the business, and meet a rigid, quality control mandate on each and every job we perform, which is precisely why we offer all of these fantastic warranties. For any questions on any of our warranties, services—including pool projects, landscaping, spa designing, garden projects, or maintenance projects—feel free to call or use our contact form, and one of our customer service experts will contact you as soon as possible about your next landscaping in Mesa AZ or other services.