Interviewing a Landscape-Pool Contractor

What a typical meeting with one of our AZ landscapers would look like.


Below are five topics that we believe the consumer should focus on when interviewing a potential contractor.

Their background: What licenses does your company carry and what are your license numbers? Are you properly licensed to handle the work being presented at our home? In the past, do you have any complaints registered with the ROC? After we meet for the first time, how long will it take to get a design and estimate? Will your work encompass all the details that we asked for in our initial meeting?

What is the process from start to finish: Will we have a pre-construction walk through with the designer to make sure we’re on the same page? Will we have a construction timeline so we know what to except at our home each day? Is this anything that could delay construction? Will we have a final walk through where we will agree on completion of the project?

Details about the designer for your project: What is my designers work history and how long have they been with your company? I would like to see a construction ready document to make sure it entails everything we have discussed, so that I know that even if I’m not present during construction that you understand exactly what we are expecting.

Unknown costs and payment structure: Is the price we were quoted, the total cost? What is my responsibility or required involvement once we sign the contract? Are there any additional charges that could arise once construction progresses? How do we pay? Is there a payment structure? What are our options for landscaping in Mesa Arizona?

Warranty: What is my warranty? Is there a process I have to follow in order to make a claim?

Management: Who will be managing the project? Is the designer the one in charge during construction? If there’s someone besides the designer, how long have they been working for the company, what are their credentials?