Accent Your Yard with Lighting Features

It’s been a long haul, but after months of spending your weekends working on your yard, it is no longer the barren and sterile space you feel the need to ignore as much as possible; today it is an oasis with a crystal blue pool, colorful flowers, and a few structures to add interest and coolness in the desert heat. Beautiful, stylish, and inviting, it’s almost your favorite part of your home—until the sun sets, that is. Offering no other source of lighting than a single bulb on the patio and the LED pool lights, once darkness sets in it’s nothing more than a black hole that forces you away rather than drawing you in. Since you’ve spent all that time and money, wouldn’t you like to make the space inviting at night? It’s easy to do when you accent your yard with the lighting features in this guide!

Porch Lighting

Your choices for porch lighting are numerous and include options you may not have known existed! For those with railings and steps, you can invest in deck post lights, deck rail lights, baluster lights, and even step lights, creating a welcoming glow for the nights when you want to sit outside with a glass of wine and the company of those closest to you. Options for wall lighting also include sensor-activated ones that turn on with movement, stunning ceiling lights, or even exterior ceiling fans that come with lights as well.

Yard Lights

Larger yards offer plenty of space to create pathways that meander through and around your garden and installing path lighting can give your yard the extra boost of light that it needs! Solar path lights are the easiest ones to install and they come in a variety of styles, including our favorite, the lantern. Simply stick them in the ground, let the sun do its magic, and by nightfall your garden will be illuminated in a soft gleam of luminosity!

Up lights can be used at the base of trees, offering a stark beauty that also works to keep burglars from having a place to hide. Fairy lights can be strung in the trees to give your yard a magical appearance and string lights can be hung on the cover of your patio. There will be no reason to be afraid of the dark when all these light options are available!

We Can Help with Your Pool Lights, Porch Lights, and Yard Lights

With lighting, whether pool lights or yard lights, there is a possibility that too much is too much, and too little will never be enough. Give us a call today and we can help illuminate the issue of your incomplete yard!