Enjoy your winters by your new firepit

Adding a Fire Pit to Your Backyard

The magic of an Arizona winter always seems to take us by surprise. One day we are wilting in the heat, barely daring to leave the comfort of our air conditioned homes, and then the next day we find ourselves digging in the depths of our closets desperately seeking the jackets and sweaters we hid away just months ago! We don’t complain though, as the cooler days mean we can spend more time outside, breathing in fresh air and re-starting our exercise programs with long hikes in the Superstition Mountains. This is the time of year we open our doors and windows and sit out on the porch chatting with friends, neighbors, and family members until the sun drops behind the mountains and the temperatures do a freefall. The good news is that even as the weather grows colder, your outdoor fun does not have to end when you add the warmth of a fire pit to your backyard. This guide will help you choose the one firepit that fits your yard best and adds magic and romance to a winter night in the desert!

Keep It Simple

With many Phoenix area homes offering postage stamp sized lots, you may think that yours is too small to enjoy the comforts provided by a fire pit, but we are here to show you why this is not true. Fire pits come in many shapes, styles, and most importantly sizes, so finding one that will work on your townhouse patio is easy—just start small! As a matter of fact, table top fire pits are built of simple design, many consisting of a simple concrete bowl, a few river rocks, and a supply of flame gel fuel. Even better, these small bowls of heat and fire also offer small prices, making them affordable as well.

Spark Your Creativity With a Firepit

Another cost saving way of adding a fire pit to your backyard oasis is to build one yourself. Choose your spot, the size that will best fit in your yard, and the material that pleases you most; many have built fire pits with nothing more than gravel and cinder blocks, but the most visually pleasing tend to be ones made from retaining wall blocks. Simple, rustic, and providing the warmth you crave on a Phoenix winter night, your options are only limited by your skills, imagination, and of course, your budget! If this idea interests you, but you are worried that your handyman skills are subpar, give us a call and we at New Image Landscape and Pools can do the hard part for you!

Ready Made for Quick Installation

Choices are important in life, and a simple search will show you a huge selection of ready-made fire pits designed to make your life easy! Most only require a strong back, patient unpacking, and the perfect spot in your yard. Choose to make your fire pit the centerpiece of your desert style English garden, placing a wood burning iron bowl style in the center of your garden of drought resistant plants, and create a gravel path lined with solar path lights so as to get to it easily and safely on darker nights. Place a propane fueled to the side of your hot tub, surrounding it with wood Adirondack chairs topped with waterproof cushions; the wide arms of the chairs (which also come in plastic for easy upkeep) offer the perfect spot to set your Irish coffee between sips. Or go ultra-modern with a sleek rectangular shaped piece that is paired with matching end tables and is designed to fit in the odd space right off your covered patio. There are no wrong answers when choosing the style of fire pit that speaks to your heart!

Sublimely Exquisite

Have you ever visited a neighbor’s yard and been stunned at the decadent beauty of their backyard? Offering everything you could want or need when it comes to comfort outdoors, you may have wondered how they managed to find the pieces that work so well together, and you may have felt discouraged when trying to make your yard compete. The secret isn’t that your neighbor has an unerring sense of style; the secret is that they knew who to hire to make their yard the showpiece everyone envies!

This is where New Image Landscape and Pools comes into the picture. We love to make the world more beautiful, one yard at a time, and we can turn your barren backyard into an oasis to be enjoyed every season of the year—and yes, that includes adding the perfect fire pit to your space! Give us a call today and get started on creating the perfect backyard space.