All About Aerators

Summer time in the state of Arizona can be brutal. That’s why so many Arizona residents love having a pool to relax in. However, it’s no secret that rising temperatures in the air can impact the temperature in your pool. So how do you keep your pool cool? Well, we have a solution for you: a pool aerator! Investing in a pool aerator will help to keep your pool comfortable and cool.

What Exactly is It?

The aerator is a tool that cools pool water through a ventilation system; It’s an attachment installed onto the side of a pool that pumps its water through a sprayer, oxygenates it, and returns it into the pool. The sprayed water droplets absorb oxygen, creating a cooling effect on the droplets and subsequently on the pool as a whole.

How Do You Control It?

Pool aerators can be turned on and off by a valve. Depending on the kind you purchase, you may have a label on your valve making it easy to locate. If no label is given, contact us to help you locate and use the valve.

What are the Results?

During summer months, pools can reach temperatures in the 90s or higher. This process can bring temperatures down by as much as four degrees so that you, your children, or friends can take a dip in the pool without it feeling like a jacuzzi.

Contact Us About Pool Aerators

An aerator is truly a great investment. It will keep your pool feeling fresh so you that can get the most use out of it. That means hosting pool parties, keeping your kiddos busy and having fun, or taking a relaxing dip when the heat is just too much to bear. Contact us today to make sure you have what you need in order to have a great summer in the pool!