Arizona Flora Buying Guide

Add color to your yard with desert flowers in Arizona


No landscape design is complete without the addition of trees, flowers, and plants. If you want to get serious about creating the perfect Arizona landscaping design, it’s time to start selecting some greenery to adorn your outdoor living space. However, before you purchase or plant anything, it’s essential to know what is likely to thrive as opposed to what is likely to meet its demise in the harsh Arizona climate. You also want to make sure your choices will not only complement your personal taste, but the style of the property and its landscape as well. Take a look at our guide below to choosing the perfect Arizona flora.


Arizona Plants That Thrive


Many homeowners in Arizona hesitate to plant anything in fear of it not being able to survive the hot weather or of having to spend most of their time outside watering. The truth is that there are plenty of native and sun-loving plants that will not only withstand the heat and dryness, but will actually flourish in it. Some of these plants include the blue agave, bougainvillea, orchid rockrose, New Zealand flax, fountain grass, autumn sage, yellow bells, and palm trees. You can pick the desert flowers Arizona can naturally grow, and you’ll add color to your yard in no time!


Factors to Think About When Choosing Your Plants


Aside from the climate, there are a few other factors that will help determine which plants you choose for your Arizona landscaping goals. You will need to look around your yard and decide where exactly you plan to plant your greenery and then assess the amount of sun exposure in those particular areas. You may want to pick out a combination of plants so that you have some that grow well in shade and others that need direct sunlight for the majority of the day. It’s also a good idea to find out how high certain plants tend to grow so you can ensure you have the appropriate spot picked out. In addition, learning the difference between annuals and perennials will make a big impact on what you plant. Annuals only live one season, while perennials will come back year after year.


Ways to Accent Your Plant Choices


Plants are appealing on their own, but when paired with a few different outdoor features, you’ll end up with a remarkable landscape. Swimming pools, fire pits, and water fountains are just some of the exterior hardscape accents you can include in your design to develop an impressive outside space.


As one of Arizona’s leading landscaping companies, New Image Landscape and Pools has the knowledge and experience required to help you make your landscape dreams a reality. Make your outdoor living space a true oasis by planting some of the most beautiful desert flowers Arizona has to offer!