Arizona garden ideas

Arizona Garden Ideas and Watering Solutions for Your Yard

Gardening in the desert is a unique experience. We all long for the grassy yards and flowery gardens of our midwestern upbringing, but water issues may seem to bring an abrupt halt to the idea. Fortunately, we at New Image Landscape and Pools have made it our business to make your yard the oasis you dreamed it could be, and with a few tweaks to the types of flowers and plants you can add, our hints and tips will make it easy—especially when you consult this guide for watering solution and Arizona garden ideas.

Saving our Most Precious Resource

Water is not an unlimited resource in the desert and conserving it is of highest importance. You’re probably not surprised to discover that the standard oscillating sprinkler attached to a hose and left in the yard for hours at a time does not save water, and if you’re intent on having a lush green lawn, it is also not the best way to get there! Our favorite watering solution, an automated sprinkler system, may cost a little more in the beginning but will save you money in the long term. Programmable, it allows owners to water their grass for the optimum amount of time, and with correct installation of the sprinkler heads, every inch of your yard will be a verdant paradise! Adding bubblers for the plants and flowers gives homeowners a break from one of the many chores that accompany the pleasure of owning a home.

Planting Drought Resistant

For your garden needs, the best watering solution is to limit how much water is needed. Many desert plants offer brilliantly colored blooms that can outshine the more “needy” flowers of the gardens you may be used to! Bougainvillea, oleander, even lantana and different versions of sage are all flowering plants that can exist without much water. Your home will be a showpiece and the earth will be forever grateful when you add these vibrant and colorful plants!

Education and Arizona Garden Ideas

Overwatering is our worst way or squandering our natural resources, and the best way to avoid doing so is by educating yourself. The internet is a wonderful invention, and with just a little research, you can manage to have a green yard and flowering plants without over or underwatering. Another easy way to find watering solutions for your home space oasis is with a simple phone call. Call us today for more Arizona garden ideas and tips!