Arizona Garden Watering Tips

If you have spent even one summer living in the Phoenix area, you finally have a better understanding of the phrase “It’s a dry heat!” While we do have our humidity (monsoon season, anyone?), the majority of our summers spread out before us as one long, scorching hot day after another, beginning long before and ending long after most other states. Summer takes up approximately half the year, drying out our skin, our hair, and our home’s landscaping.

Transplants from greener climates may find themselves loving the weather, but desperately missing the gardens of their home towns, and many try to re-create them in their backyard without much success. The fierce heat from the sun often doesn’t allow a garden like those from places with milder summer climates, but the good news is that you don’t have to give up hope altogether. We’ve compiled some Arizona garden watering tips to maintaining the garden of your dreams in a climate where water is at a premium; keep reading for more information.

Aridity Can Be Your Enemy

In any garden, keeping the dirt moist is of utmost importance, a chore that is made more difficult by the dry climate in Phoenix. If you are planning on growing a garden—vegetable or flower—you must ensure that you keep it watered. In the case of vegetable gardens, consider planting many plants closer together; this will help keep the soil moist longer.

Water in the Morning

Watering in the morning, when temperatures are relatively cool, allows for less evaporation, keeping the ground wet for a longer time. Watering at night is the second-best time. Never water during the heat of the day; you don’t want to cook your vegetables before they have even had a chance to mature!

Water Slowly

Our soil is hard and dry, and if you hurry through the chore, the water won’t sink in and quench the roots, but will most likely flow to a lower spot in the garden, causing erosion and damage along the way. Drip irrigation can be the solution to your problem if you don’t have the extra time to spend in your garden each day and is an excellent choice for flower gardens.

Arizona Garden Watering Tips: Consider Desert Landscaping Plants

There are many desert plants that look beautiful in a garden and require far less watering than regular plants. And no, that doesn’t mean you have to plant a cactus garden. Hearty flowering shrubs and bushes can be a beautiful addition to your home garden, and desert species require far less watering.

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