Arizona Lawn Maintenance

Arizona Lawn Maintenance During the Winter

While nice looking lawns may not be feasible in most parts of the country during the winter, Arizona has the ideal climate for enjoying lush green lawns year-round. There are several Arizona lawn maintenance tips you can do to ensure that your lawn looks healthy throughout the winter, including choosing the correct grass, overseeding, watering the correct amount, and using fertilizer.

Choose the Correct Grass

There are several varieties of sod and each is suited for a different environment. You will have the most success with damage-resistant species that do well in Arizona’s harsh climate, such as Midiron, Tifway, Tifgreen, and Palmetto St. Augustine. Midiron is the most durable of the grasses, while Palmetto St. Augustine would require a bit more attention.

Overseed Your Lawn for the Winter

At the end of summer, you should be sure to overseed your summer lawn with perennial ryegrass. The perennial ryegrass will help keep your lawn looking lush and green when your summer Bermuda grass is dormant.

Adjust Your Watering Schedule

During the summer your lawn will need frequent watering to stay lush and alive. During the winter, your grass will still need water, but not as much. You only need to water your lawn every few days, and you can test whether your lawn needs watering by sticking a screwdriver in the ground. You want the water to soak down into the soil 4 to 6 inches deep. Anything deeper than that will not be used by the grass.

Adjust Your Fertilizing Frequency

During the winter you will also not need to fertilize as frequently. In general, you should fertilize your lawn once a month using 21-7-14 fertilizer.

Contact Us for Your Arizona Lawn Maintenance

These are just a few Arizona lawn maintenance tips for keeping your lawn looking green and healthy all winter long. If you would like more help with keeping your lawn alive during the winter, contact us today. Our team of gardeners offers landscaping services and maintenance for your lawn. We can help you maintain a healthy lawn during the winter or a design a new lawn for you that incorporates a variety of perennial plants to keep your yard looking alive and healthy year-round.

Our team has been working in Arizona for more than 30 years and we are experts in plants that grow in the region’s unique climate. Please contact us today and we will help you build and maintain your lawn’s health.