Design Services

A property that truly embodies some of the finest Arizona landscape ideas out there.

One of the most important aspects of exterior design is how that design relates to the interior. Truly, a well-planned outdoor living area must be an extension of the indoor living area, else the contrast can be jarring and cheap feeling. Fortunately, here at New Image Landscape & Pools, we know the importance of creative Arizona landscape ideas, horticultural knowledge, and experience lead to a successful landscape design. Best of all, we can take all of these Arizona landscape ideas for your home and apply them to your outdoor living space, thus creating a visually stimulating, complementary, and stunning area that suits your lifestyle and, most importantly, your budget.

Generating Arizona Landscape Ideas with 3D Imaging

Oftentimes, though, it’s the visionary process that is most important to homeowners looking to improve their homes. After all, if you don’t know precisely what you’re paying for, how can you be expected to pay good money for what amounts to hope and faith? That is precisely why we offer you the ability to see into your home’s future with state-of-the-art 3D modeling software, one of the many incredible services we provide. Using this software, you can see your Arizona landscape, pool, garden, and overall exterior design come to life, and way before any construction actually takes place. In this phase, using dynamic 3D designs, we will be able to make tweaks, discuss features, and visualize precisely what you will be getting. In fact, this software is so powerful, you will be able to do a 3D walk-through of your future landscape. This includes:

  • The ability to walk around and through the pool and landscape area, giving you a perspective you would never get with standard 2D software drawing.
  • The view of your pool from any window in your house.
  •  And, of course, the ability to move plants, features, and softscape around, so you have a customized perspective of how your yard can look even months after construction

Home Value Benefits

Without a doubt, doing an Arizona landscape makeover is one of the most important decisions you can make as a homeowner. If done right, it can increase your home’s value by up to 15% and afford you an a return-on-investment of 100 to 200 percent, compared to 75 to 125 percent, 20 to 120 percent, and 20 to 50 percent on kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and swimming pool addition, respectively. But, of course, this kind of return can only happen if the work is done correctly. This is why New Image Landscape & Pools offers carefully designed plans that lead to a smooth installation and a beautiful landscape for many years to come. Doesn’t it make sense to choose the best?