Maintenance Services

An Arizona landscape we designed with the use of 3D modeling.

To give you an idea of what you can expect from our lawn maintenance squad, here is a rundown of the services we provide when doing some general landscape maintenance.


As obvious as it seems, most landscaping companies in Arizona have different goals when mowing a person’s lawn. As for us, prior to mowing we’ll police turf areas for trash, obstructions or tree limbs. Furthermore, we will mow the site to the proper length, according to what species of grass your yard possesses. For areas that are unreachable via lawnmower, we will string trim the turf. Ensuring identical height to adjacent turf. However, because research shows that, when using proper mowers, it is better to return clippings to the turf for nutritional replenishment, we do not bag grass clippings. Instead, we engage in a practice called grass cycling, which helps the grass grow properly and is a tremendous help to our environment.


All fertilization is based upon what species of turfgrass you have. As such, if you choose New Image Landscape and Pools, we will discuss and follow the schedule we create under the applications section of your contract for your fertilization program.


Unlike many Mesa landscaping companies, we provide an edging service in our maintenance package, meaning we will edge concrete borders such as walkways, curbs, and driveways with a mechanical steel blade edger. This will ensure a sleek, uniform look among all lawn surfaces, making your lawn as gorgeous as possible. Edging will be done as needed during the winter months.


Weeding is one of the most onerous chores when it comes to lawn maintenance. But it is also one of our most popular services; as such, we do it right. During every visit that we make during the year, we will weed your shrub beds, and natural areas with mulch and ground cover. If we can, we use Round-Up herbicide to kill weeds; however, if there are ornamental plants that can be injured by this herbicide, we will hand pull weeds as need be. Just remember; though there will always be weeds in a natural environment, all plant bed areas should remain 95% weed free. This is for the health of your plants, and to make sure your yard remains looking beautiful as the day we arrived.

Shrub Care

Though one may not think it, shrub care is one of the most important parts of lawn maintenance. As such, one must remember that pruning plants is not an event, it is an ongoing process. There will never be one time of the year that you can go out and prune all plants without thinking; some plants will need to be pruned based on flower production and growing season, while others may always need general maintenance. With that in mind, here is our process. First priority is pruning for loom production, second is for structure, and the third priority is for space management. Using these principals, we prune your plants so that they may remain beautiful, without possibly injuring them in the process. On top of this, all shrub care can be personalized based on the type of plants you have in your yard; so, if you have an extensive planting with specialty items, specialty pruning notes will be entered into your route to ensure proper management of your plants. Finally, we will also fertilize your shrubs one time each year to keep them healthy and happy.

Trash Removal

To maintain a gorgeous, well-kept landscape, we will remove all plant pruning materials, trash (including paper, cans, glass), and recyclables on-site. We will also use mulching type lawn mowers to process pine straw and leaves from your property. Furthermore, all debris from landscape maintenance will be removed.


If you do decide to choose New Image Landscape and Pools for your lawn maintenance needs, we will prepare a schedule at the beginning of each month. Normal rotations in these schedules are one visit per week; however, we will personalize it based on your maintenance needs. But, while we try to remain consistent once schedule is begun, flexibility is needed due to weather, Sundays, and holidays


Landscape maintenance is a difficult job. You will have several people working on your property at any one time; this crew will consist of an account supervisor, and a Landscape Maintenance Technician. Your Account Manager will be able to answer any questions you may have about our services, while the Landscape Maintenance Technician will be the one working on your yard. Furthermore, in order to maintain a healthy relationship with you, our customer, both of these personnel will remain assigned to your property for a period of 6 months to 1 year, giving you time to become familiar with them.


You will be billed around the 25th day of each month, based on the work done during that billing period. At this time, you will receive an invoice which states a brief description of the work, the dates that service was provided, and the monthly charges agreed in your contract. Payment is due by the 10th. A late charge of 2% per month will be added to any portion of payment that is not received by then.


Sometimes, the most important segment of your yard is the seasonal color beds and flowers that accentuate the beauty of your landscape. They can draw attention to entryways of your property in ways that simple maintenance cannot. Because of this, we take great pride in working on your plants! It is our job to recognize the specific site conditions you have and match the proper plants in a unique fashion, we have designed an entire program to ensure everything is perfect for you and your plants. We call this process our floriculture program. Here is what it entails:

  1. Pull and remove existing annual plants.
  2. Prune back any plants that encroach the bed.
  3. Remove old mulch from bed.
  4. Till and grade soil.
  5. Contour soil for proper drainage.
  6. Add soil amendments.
  7. Arrange a creative floral display with plants.
  8. Install one-gallon to jumbo pack size pots of annuals.
  9. Install 2″ layer of mulch.
  10. Clean-up site thoroughly and remove debris.
  11. Initial watering & fertilization to a depth of 4″-6″.
  12. Follow-u and fertilize for 6 months.
  13. 30-day replacement warranty on all flowers installed.

New Image Landscape and Pools Guarantee

With this Mesa AZ landscapingprogram, we guarantee that the flowers in your yard will provide you with a wonderful display that wows day in and day out. No matter what time of season it is, you will have absolutely gorgeous fauna in your landscape that you can be proud of, in addition to the already spectacular yard that we can help provide you.

With this incredible lawn and floriculture maintenance program, we promise that you will understand why we are Arizona’s Landscape and Pool Company of choice. Without a doubt, we look forward to a truly satisfying relationship with you—call today!


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