3 Amazing Ways to Make Your Landscape Pop

Arizona landscape design ideas for your backyard

The landscaping you have in your front and backyard can say a lot about you. Are you someone who enjoys a lot of pretty flowers? Do you like just a bit of grass and some rock? Do you like that desert look? All of these Arizona landscape design ideas can be extremely beautiful, but you can always make your landscaping pop with a few new additions. Here are three ideas to make your landscaping stick out in a positive way.

Add Lighting

One of the most beautiful landscape design ideas you can implement to a front or backyard is adding some accent lighting. No matter if you have crafted your yard by yourself from scratch or put in thousands of dollars into it, you can always elevate the look by adding light. Accent lights will add an extra dimension, transforming your yard at night. You will see how the grass looks a deeper green, how the bushes cast different shadows on the wall and give you a resort feel throughout the yard. Most lighting is easy to install, and with a timer, you can make sure that you are not eating up your electricity bill.

Outline Different Areas

Something as simple as outlines can really make your yard pop. By laying in some nice brick or adding curbing to your yard, it adds a little division that will add structure to your yard. This structure will make every individual item in your yard pop even more and bring everything together. You have a variety of different options to choose from, but one of our favorites is a simple concrete curbing. Its strong and durable, while still giving a sophisticated look to your entire yard.

Adding Color

No matter what you are going for with your backyard, color will always elevate what you are doing. Whether the color comes from some fresh spring flowers growing in a small garden or some accents of green in a desert landscape, spots of color will brighten up your yard. If you don’t want to worry about planting new flowers every year, you can also try flower boxes or pots on wheels that will make it much easier. When you are ready for a new color, you simply change which flower or plant you place in the planter and you are done. Also, if they are on wheels, you can move them around the yard to get a new look whenever you wish.