Garden Water Saving Tips

water saving garden tips

There is nothing better than having your own garden. Looking out for something that is alive and growing is always a great way to spend some extra time. Whether you are growing food for your table or beautiful plants to increase the beauty of your landscape, a garden is a beautiful thing. However, this endeavor can require a lot of water. Luckily, there are plenty of tricks that you can employ to keep your water bill down. Here are just a few of those tips about having a water saving garden!

Maintain Healthy Soil

The health of soil influences how much moisture it can retain. Healthier soil means greater water retention, so the water that you put in your garden will go much further in providing nutrients to your plants. The best way to ensure your soil is as healthy as possible is by consistently adding organic material like compost to the soil. It is also a good idea to mulch your garden to further improve saving water in the garden.

Water at the Effective Times

Overwatering contributes to a whole lot of wasted water. In order to determine if your garden needs watering, look about six inches deep. If this area is moist, then no watering is necessary. If it seems dry, then the garden can use some water. Additionally, by watering your garden before sunrise or after sunset, you will reduce the amount of water you lose to evaporation.

Choose the Right Garden Water Saving Tips

Sprinklers are not the best method for watering a garden, as you cannot target specific areas and there tends to be a lot of waste. Using a hose or watering can is a very good way to go about watering a garden, as there is little waste and you can be very specific with the areas you are watering. This method, however, requires a lot more time and effort. A drip irrigation system is the best option for a garden, but it requires the greatest upfront investment.

Saving Water In The Garden

This is something you should consider regardless of if you have a garden or not. There is a certain amount of free water that falls from the sky each year and it is yours for the taking. You do not need some fancy rainwater collecting apparatus; you can collect in cans or any other containers you have lying around. You can also dig a simple irrigation system through your yard to channel the water where you want it. The options are endless.

Gardening is one of the most fulfilling activities that you can fill your time with. And with a couple of very simple steps, it does not have to impact your water bill. Take these tips with you to the garden and enjoy! Contact us to learn about saving water in the garden.