Landscape Tips: Wood Warp Prevention

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Wood structures offer an amazing touch to any landscape. Not only are they incredibly useful and able to serve an incredible range of purposes, they just look good. They offer a much more natural and rustic look and feel than you will find in structures made from metal or stone. But it can be very difficult to prevent the wood from warping. This occurs when the moisture throughout a piece of wood is uneven and dries differently. This changes the pressure variations within the wood, causing it to warp. Here are a few tips that should help you prevent this. Learn about wood warp prevention below from one of the best Landscapers in Mesa AZ:

Build the Structure in the Place It Will Ultimately Sit

One of the main reasons an outside structure will warp is if it is assembled in a different area. This is because the wood needs time to acclimate to heat and humidity conditions. If you put this project together inside, where there is a consistent temperature and humidity, and then you install it in your yard, the inconsistency of these factors will cause inconsistency in the humidity throughout the wood, causing it to warp. Let the wood adjust the conditions of your yard before installing your structure. There are plenty of ways to prevent wood from warping

Ensure Structures are Built with the Right Wood

This preemptive measure is the most important in ensuring your structure does not become warped. Cedar or redwood are two species of wood that are very resistant to warping, but they can become quite expensive depending on the size of the project. A cheaper alternative would be to buy treated lumber. This wood is very resistant to warping, lasting an average of seven years in the elements. When you use treated lumber, it is important to buy it shortly before installing it rather than letting it sit around for weeks on end. It is also a good idea to coat any cut ends with a preservative. When working with treated lumber, you should wear gloves to mitigate chemical exposure.

Prevent Wood From Warping

This is a simple step that will go a long way in preventing warping once your structure is already in the ground. In reducing the amount of moisture that is absorbed by the wood, you are mitigating the risks of the wood drying unevenly. This should be done on every wood surface in your yard, where appearance is important.

Wood is an amazing substance, but it can be quite difficult to work with and maintain, especially when it is outside in the elements. By following these steps, you can save yourself many headaches in keeping your yard and wood structures looking good throughout the year. Contact us to learn more about our landscaping tips!