Blue tile pools

Arizona Water Features to Add for a Sophisticated Look

When it comes to landscaping an idyllic backyard or lawn, a little water goes a long way. The experts at New Image Landscape and Pools are professionally trained to see beyond the basics and incorporate intricate details that create just the right ambiance in your yard. Arizona water features are a fantastic addition to any landscaping project and have the potential to add a sophisticated look to a home’s exterior. When you’re hoping to upgrade your home’s façade, start with one of these incredible water features that take your landscaping to a new level of exceptional.

Blue Tile Pools

The reflective nature of water makes it a wonderful element when it comes to enhancing the sophisticated look of a pool or spa. If you’re hoping to create a swimming space in the yard that reminds one of an upscale luxury resort, consider landscaping that incorporates stunning blue tiles. The blue of the tiles works to reflect the sun during the day and picks up on a warm glow from underwater lights at night. Blue tile pools are a water feature that provides the tranquility many homeowners are looking for from their home-based spa experience.

Copper Pot Fountains

Let your landscaping reflect the elegance of a European garden by creating a central focal point with a copper pot fountain. These large pots complete with intricate handles are perfect when placed within a sunken pool and surrounded by multiple flower beds. Finishing the copper pot fountain with a surrounding of delicate stonework adds to the intrigue and texture of this inviting space in the yard.

Glass Water Walls

There’s something undeniably magical about the addition of a glass water wall. During the day, this water feature keeps pools churning while at night, a glass water wall glows with the help of underwater lights. While the glass will effectively reflect lights during the day and evening hours, surrounding a glass water wall with lush foliage is a great way to contrast the delicate look of this whimsical landscaping feature.

Koi Ponds

While it’s the perfect landscaping addition when you’re looking to achieve Zen in a yard, adding a captivating Koi pond complete with a small cascade makes for a lovely look all the way around. Stacked stone edging and green foliage provide a natural and beautiful frame for the colorful fish that call these Koi ponds home. Consider incorporating a footpath leading to the pond for added intrigue and sophistication when it comes to this particular water feature.

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