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Artificial Turf: Pros and Cons, and Why It May Be a Better Option in Arizona

In Arizona, many people are considering installing artificial turf or grass as part of their landscaping. Because of the arid conditions of the Arizona environment, there are many good reasons to install artificial turf in all or part of your overall landscaping. Artificial turf is generally made up of polyethylene plastic grass on top of a base constructed of recycled, ground up tires. There are many pros to installing artificial grass including:

Lower Maintenance Costs

Green lawns come at a high price. Lush green lawns can account for up to a third of all residential water use. Also, since artificial turf does not require mowing, trimming, or blowing, there is less gas or electric use for the tools. In addition to not having to be mowed or watered, artificial lawns do not need to be re-seeded or replanted. They do not become brown and will stay green all year round for a great looking lawn.

Environmentally Friendly

Because artificial turf/grass is made of recycled materials, it is a good use of materials that might otherwise be in the landfills. Additionally, since an artificial lawn can have a lifespan of up to 25 years, it can be less expensive than real grass.

Stands Up to High Traffic

Because of the durability of artificial turf, it is a great option for high traffic areas such as kids’ play areas. If you’ve ever wanted a putting green in your yard, artificial turf is the way to go!

Highly Customizable

Also, artificial lawns are available in different textures, colors, and blade lengths. The newest generations of artificial grass have been known to fool a lot of people, making them very attractive.


Some of the negative points about artificial grass include:

  • It may act as a heat source, as it absorbs heat and can feel hot to the touch when in direct sun.
  • Pet owners say that there are pros and cons. Artificial turf does not absorb animal waste; however, it does allow liquids to pass to the ground underneath the turf.

Learn More About Artificial Turf

At New Image Landscape and Pools, we are very knowledgeable about both live and artificial lawns. We would be happy to sit down and discuss the pros and cons of each. We can also discuss your individual needs to determine which type of lawn will be best for your individual lifestyle and home.