Automatic Watering Systems

For those that enjoy doing their own landscaping in Chandler, Mesa, & Gilbert, the ritual of going outside and watering and pruning your plants by hand can be very relaxing. However, going out in the hot sun of summer to care for your plants is not a fun option for most people, especially in the Arizona heat. Also, there is always the chance that you will have plans to go out of town for business or vacation, and you want to make sure that your outside plants are well cared for. Luckily, there is a great option for your yard to ensure that your plants are given the perfect amount of water, every time, regardless of whether or not you are in town. An automatic watering system may be the perfect solution!

Time It Right

A key feature of any successful automatic watering system is a timer. A timer ensures that your plants are watered every day and at the ideal time, and that they receive the perfect amount of water every time. Now your plants will never be over or under watered! The most common type of timer used for outdoor home garden watering systems is the electric hose timer. An electric hose timer works with any type of automatic system, and it allows you to control the frequency and length of time that your plants are watered.

Soaker Hose Vs. Drip System

When you decide to outfit your backyard plants with an automatic watering system, you get the choice between two main types of systems available on the market today. The first type of system is a soaker hose system. Soaker hoses deposit the water directly into the soil, allowing for precise watering and less evaporation, making it a very economical and eco-friendly choice! You can also bury the hoses underneath mulch so that it blends in with the rest of your Gilbert, Mesa, or Chandler landscaping. Be sure to install these hoses without any kinks so that water flows freely. Also, it may take a few minutes to build up enough water pressure to reach the end of the hose, so it is recommended to add about 10 minutes to your timer to allow for this.

The other main system of automatic watering is a drip irrigation system. This system uses small hoses that offshoot from a main feeder hose, and slowly drip water directly on the roots of the plants. A drip system is an extremely efficient watering system. The added benefit of the drip system is that you can customize it by adding several lines of small drips hoses, each with its own timer, so that each type of plant gets the perfect amount of water. Whichever system you choose to go with, an automatic watering system is a great way to keep your landscape in Gilbert, Mesa, or Chandler AZ perfectly kept all year long! Contact us to request Chandler landscape services and more!