The Benefits of Astroturf for Your Home

A beautiful lawn is the single most important aspect to a landscape that looks lush and inviting. It can also be the most difficult aspect to create and maintain. A beautiful lawn requires consistent mowing, fertilization, and watering. But did you know that you can achieve this amazing look without all of the hassle of implementing real grass in your landscape? This is easily and affordably accomplished with Astroturf. There are countless reasons to make AstroTurf for your home a part of your landscape today!

Consistently Beautiful Grass

It often seems there is no way to keep an attractive lawn during the brutal summer months in the valley. Whether the grass is getting too much shade or it is simply being bullied by intense sunshine, it tends to become an unattractive yellow color. Both of these problems are things of the past when you have AstroTurf. As the lawn is artificial, it maintains the exact same beautiful green color and consistency regardless of any conditions that the Arizona seasons can throw at it. And there are many options in Astroturf design from the color to the texture, so you can make sure that the turf that goes in is perfect for your landscape and home.

Less Upkeep

From laying manure in the winter to constantly mowing in the summer, natural grass lawns require a lot of attention. When you make Astroturf a part of your landscape, you are bidding farewell to the countless hours of maintenance that you are used to. Think of all the time you have spent maintaining that natural lawn, and think about how it could be better spent enjoying a beautiful landscape in which the grass is always pristine. It is this benefit alone that has prompted so many to switch to AstroTurf. Artificial turf also allows for the ability to avoid the use of chemicals and pesticides in areas where your family spends time.

Lower Water Bills With Astroturf for Your Home

Your savings do not stop with avoided fertilizer, mowing, and manure expenses, but extend to your water bill. Your average natural grass lawn requires thousands of gallons of water every year. With Astroturf, you will notice the savings on your water bill every single month. It is also good for the environment in which we live; it is a desert, after all.

With over 35 years of experience turning countless properties into desert oases, there is no one better to trust with your AstroTurf design and installation than the experts at New Image Landscape and Pools.