Salt Water Pools in Arizona

Salt Water Pools in Arizona and Their Benefits

If you are thinking about building a pool in your backyard, you may want to consider the benefits of salt water pools in Arizona. Many people are making the switch to salt water pools because they no longer want to deal with the chlorine used in traditional pools.

While salt water pools may conjure up visions of a small ocean in your backyard, with the salty water that burns your throat and stings your eyes, they actually have very little in common with the ocean. Salt water pools contain only a tenth of the salinity of the ocean, and they use this salinity as a convertible chlorine to keep the pool sanitized.

Easy Maintenance

Salt water pools have a special disinfection system that takes in the salt and through a process called electrolysis turns the salt into chlorine to clean and disinfect your pool. In regular pools, chlorine levels can be difficult to maintain and there is often too much chlorine in the water which is why your eyes and skin can be irritated. However, the electrolysis process in salt water pools makes the chlorine levels replenish constantly so there is never too much in the water. The conversion system in salt water pools is constantly producing the correct amount of chlorine, so salt water pools require a lot less maintenance than traditional pools.

Gentle on Swimmers

Because salt water pools have lower levels of chlorine, the water is gentler on your eyes and skin. Salt water pools tend to be safer because you don’t have to worry about storing and handling chlorine and your pool won’t smell like chlorine, which is especially noticeable in indoor pools. The salt also produces a softer feeling water, making your pool more spa-like.

Savings Over Time

While salt water pools often require a larger upfront investment than traditional pool systems, they are less expensive over time as you don’t have to keep purchasing chlorine and other chemicals for the pool.

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If you are considering building a new salt water pool or would like to convert your existing pool to a salt water system, we are here to help. We have been designing and building pools as well as providing pool maintenance and repair in the Phoenix area for more than 30 years. We can help you design the best pool for your backyard and provide routine checkups and maintenance services for your pool. For more information on our pool designs and maintenance services, please contact us today!