Plant okra to make your yard shine this Arizona spring

Best Things To Plant In Your Yard This Spring

Always looming in the back of our minds is the thought that another summer is about to descend on us but even knowing the scorching days that are fast approaching cannot dim our delight over the mildly beautiful days of spring! These are the days we find ourselves getting out of bed extra early, enjoying quiet moments on our back porch, sipping coffee, and watching the sun rise over our backyard oasis. Lunch breaks are often enjoyed sitting on a bench at the park down the street, laughing at the antics of dogs scampering and young toddlers toddling on the green grass that cushions every fall for human or canines! And Saturdays, always our favorite days of the week, offer extra special moments as we grab our gardening gear and hats to shade the back of our necks and spend long hours on our knees reveling in the feel of fertile soil beneath our fingers as we work to make our oasis become even more of a retreat during every season! New Image Landscape and Pools has created this guide to the best things you should be planting in your backyard this Arizona spring, allowing you to skip the hard thinking and planning parts and go straight to the dirt!

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Healthy and Tasty

Not all that goes in your garden is purely decorative; spring time is the perfect time to plant some of your favorite vegetables and each month has a different list of colorful treats to bury in the soil! In the early days of the season, salad lovers will find their bliss as they plant spinach, radishes, carrots, beets, and beans. Cilantro and Dill thrive in the month of March and watermelons and other melons need to go into the ground now to enjoy by summer! When April rolls around, savvy gardeners leave their taxes to the pasty accountants who spend most of their days inside crunching numbers, knowing that in just a short time they will be crunching on these delicious fruits and vegetables. If you were a little tardy in planting the veggies and herbs we listed for March, it’s ok; they can still be planted in April as well! In addition to that list, this month is the perfect month for cantaloupe, peanuts, summer squash, scallions, peas, and everyone’s favorite Southern vegetable, okra! (Don’t judge if you haven’t tried it before; okra is especially good deep fried and dipped in ranch dressing!) Finally, as the calendar flips to another month and the mercury begins to rapidly creep up, we still have some last days to get out there and dig in the dirt, planting corn, gourds, cucumbers, and peas, in addition to some of the other fruits and vegetables we mentioned above.

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Now for the Fun Stuff This Arizona Spring

Being able to enjoy farm to table fruits and vegetables that you grew yourself is a perk of your springtime planting but admit it; you want to add to the beauty of your backyard with flowers and plants that soften the harsh edges and add a lovely scent to the area. Before we get into the flowers you can plant, however, we must draw your attention to the wildflowers that begin to bloom each spring. Dryer winters mean less flowers, but after a wetter winter, the landscape can be blanketed with their colorful beauty, creating a scene you will never forget. Remember to plant your seeds in the fall and come spring you can be harvesting red and orange poppies and a variety of other wildflowers in the spring, setting them about your house in all those vases you have tucked away under that China cabinet in your dining room! When it comes time to plant, however, its best to do so in the month of March; if you wait much later, your beautiful flowers may not survive the heat. Cosmos, dahlias, and marigolds are our favorite flowers to plant in the spring, adding a kaleidoscope of color to your landscape. Birds of Paradise will add a dramatic beauty to your “acreage” and Arabian Jasmine will fill the night air with a rich floral scent that will bring peace to the dreams you have each night, especially when you sleep with the windows open. Do you have a corner of your yard that looks especially bare and could do with some more shade in the summer months? Although fall is the optimum time to plant trees, spring runs a close second, so go ahead and plant that Desert Willow you have been thinking about or, if you really want good shade and have plenty of patience, a Southern Live Oak offers a surprisingly good option!

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Your day to day life is busy and you may not be able to spend as much time working in your yard as you used to, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego a lush landscape. Simply give New Image Landscape and Pools a call and let us help you create an oasis of peace and beauty!