Football in AZ grass

The Best Way to Build Your Backyard for Football

IT’S NFL SEASON!!!! Pardon the caps-lock, but it is completely necessary. Anyway, thanks to Arizona’s lovely climate, we can enjoy our evening football entertainment outdoors in fresh air and cool breezes. If that sounds like your idea of a fantastic time, then you need to build for it—if you’re really serious about friends, family, and football, then why stop at a TV on a tool shelf watched from patio chairs? We’ve got plenty of ideas to make your Arizona backyard into a dream location for enjoying Sunday Night Football.

Pick the Perfect Pagoda or Pergola

While there are many features that enhance the experience of watching the big game, you’ll want to start with somewhere to put the viewing screen, and nothing works better than pagodas, pergolas, gazebos, etc. While they’re called different things, their functions are similar. These features offer a way to keep the sun directly off the area below, keeping it relatively cool compared to the rest of yard. Better yet, they make great spots to put in TV mounts! With the ceiling keeping glare away, pagodas are popular spots to mount a high-definition TV. But why stop there? With a little finagling, the pagoda can easily support a sound system that will make you feel like you’re there at the game!

A Hot Tub Is the Best Place to Chill

Sometimes, leaping to your feet doesn’t emphasize a goal enough—when the team makes a huge splash, so should you! While many might not associate swimwear with watching TV, it’s a fantastic way to spend the evening, especially as the nights grow cooler. Simply choose a tub shape that fits the shape of your yard and a position that gives those seated a nice view of the TV. This option is great for all sorts of homes—just figure out how many people you usually have over, and get a tub sized to match!

Food + Football = Fun

Grilling is one of many football enthusiasts’ favorite pastimes, and goes terrifically with entertaining friends in your swanky backyard. If your yard is going to become the focal point for your Sunday night parties, then you need the grill to match the demand for grub. Check out some of the built-in grills that we offer—you’ll feel like the grill king with one of these in your backyard! You even have the option to include a built-in counter—just line up the condiments and you’ll have a hot-dog or hamburger assembly line! And why stop there? Instead of filling up the cooler with ice every weekend, why not get a mini-fridge to go along with the demand for drinks? Even the less athletically-interested are guaranteed to have a great time where food’s available!

Count On Us

We’ve renovated hundreds of backyards for everyone’s different needs, whether designing a tranquil getaway or day-care’s play place; have us build your Sunday Night Football Party Central, and we know you’ll be happy with your choice. Call us up and ask for an estimate!