Enjoy a new pool this summer in Arizona

Build Your Dream Pool in Time for Summer

The weather may not quite show how close we are coming to summer, but you know it is not far off as the sun stays up longer, the mornings begin to warm up before noon, and the walk from your office to your car is pleasant. These awesome days of spring will not last forever, and last year you swore you would not go another summer without a pool to help you cool off on those scorching days. Well, NOW is the time to make good on that promise to yourself, and if you begin now, the begin swim date will arrive at almost the same time as the 100-degree temperatures do! If you have not quite made the decision to build yours, this guide to all the fun you can have with a pool should be all you need to push you from the con side to the pro side this summer in Arizona.

Cool in the Pool

100 degrees in Arizona kind of feels like 85 degrees in other parts of the country; it is a dry heat after all, but when the temperatures rise over 110, it is just too hot, dry or not! You could sit in your air-conditioned house and only go outside to get to your air-conditioned car that will take you to air-conditioned restaurants, shops, and stores, but by the time evening arrives, all the in between moments build up to create one severely overheated desert dweller! With a pool, all you need to do is slip out of your sweaty street clothes and into the cool waters and feel your core temps drop. Even on the hottest days you may find your teeth chattering and your body shivering as you wrap yourself in an oversized beach towel and head back inside for a long night of deep and restful sleep!

No Pool Party without the Pool

One of the best parts of summer, spring, and early fall is the pool party, something you can’t enjoy if you don’t have a pool in your backyard! And while you could use the community pool to celebrate the weather or the holidays, do you really want a bunch of strangers doing a cannonball into the midst of your tanning friends? Yeah, we didn’t think so! The pool party is a tried-and-true rite of passage for most of the seasons in Arizona and being able to throw one whenever the mood strikes is one of our favorite perks of pool ownership. Turn up the music, light up the grill, and dive into the crystal clear waters in your backyard oasis; you will thank us for providing the gentle push when you do!

No Bland and Boring Yards for You This Summer in Arizona

You may be known as a style icon, starting all the latest trends and moving on when the fads become tired and overdone, but does your backyard show the same style as your house does? Look out the window at the expanse of desert landscaping, all boring and beige, and realize that with just a few tweaks—a tree here, a gazebo there, and a pool that can become the focal point—your yard will be where everyone wants to spend their off time! A pool can be as grand and elaborate or as small and simple as you want it, and the overall vibe of your yard will be changed whichever type you choose. Think of a pool as an accessory for your yard, and like that perfect gold bracelet you picked up on your travels to foreign lands, it will be the accessory that makes the outfit—er, we mean yard!

Choices Are Fun

The kidney or rectangle shaped pools are no longer your only choices, thank goodness! Go big with a pool that curves here and turns there, offering grottos and waterfalls and a slide for extra excitement. Keep it simple with a simple shape and a diving board from which you can practice your diving skills or get really creative and have a pool built that is like none other you have ever seen! Just remember that the more creative and elaborate you get with your pool, the longer the process to design and build will be, and you could possibly miss out on a lot of the season this year! The good news is pool season lasts about 9 months out of the year (longer if you add a heater), so before long the heat will creep back in and you will find yourself on a flamingo raft drinking frozen margaritas and living a life that makes your pre-pool life pale in comparison!

Convinced, Yet?

Let’s not put this off a minute longer than we have to. Give us a call today and begin work on the design for your brand-new pool!