Building a fire pit

Building a Fire Pit for the Winter Season

Although our winters are short and nowhere near as cold as the ones up north or back east, once the sun sets it can get more than a little chilly! We learned early on to dress in layers, and the throws we toss over the back of our sofas aren’t just decoration—especially as we like to leave the windows open to breathe in all that fresh air! If you feel the need to spend time in your backyard during the frosty days of winter, however, a blanket may not be enough, and those space heaters you find at the big warehouse stores aren’t attractive at all. Building a fire pit can be the solution to your winter woes!

Start Now

Yes, the days are still fiery hot, but you may have noticed that the evenings are already starting to feel less like a furnace and more like the space heater you have stored under your desk in defense against the air conditioning in your office building. As such, it’s much better to start building the firepit today and not let cold winter nights catch you by surprise. Coming in many sizes, styles, and shapes, they are an attractive and functional addition to your backyard oasis, allowing homeowners the opportunity to use the space year-round.

The simplest versions are made of fireproof blocks. Metal ones made of warm copper and pottery types made of clay can be purchased online or at your local home store, each offering a beautiful form you’ll fall in love with. But what if you have something more extravagant in mind? If only you new of a company that could help you build a backyard paradise that your neighbors would all be envious of—New Image Landscape and Pools, for instance! We can build the fire pit of your dreams! Let our skilled team come up with a fire pit design that will fit seamlessly into your existing landscape or design an entirely new backyard layout complete with that brand-new fire pit as the focus.

Don’t Wait Too Long!

Winter will be here quicker than you realize. Give us a call today and let’s work together to turn your summer oasis into a winter wonderland! Check out some of our pool services as well!