Built In Barbecues

Built In Barbecues

Living in Arizona year round has some perks: beautiful sunsets, the best Mexican food, and the opportunity to spend a good portion of the year outside! With the exception of a few rainy days scattered here and there and a few months when you’re risking 3rd degree burns merely by touching your backside to the seat of a metal patio chair, the outdoors is where we want to be, and our backyards reflect that!

We try our best to transform the exterior portion of our house into tropical paradises with lush landscaping that provides plenty of shade, crystal clear pools with a variety of upgrades, and al fresco dining areas for those perfect spring and fall nights when we just can’t bear to be inside! One of the best parts of eating out under blue skies is being able to cook outside; nothing tastes better than a steak freshly grilled to your specifications, and a built-in barbecue is fast becoming one of the landscape additions most desired by today’s homeowners.

Choices and Prices

We’ve come a long way from the days when our parents and grandparents would stand proudly in front of their little round charcoal grill with a domed lid that was located on the roofless and bare patio, grilling hotdogs and hamburgers while the women folk made homemade salads and desserts inside the house (although, we have to admit, that homemade potato salad our grandmothers created was far better than any we’ve tasted today).

That little round grill is still available today and is a viable option, but built in barbecue grills, be it the traditional charcoal type or built in gas barbecue grills, help create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams! The prices vary – it’s possible to get just the grill (charcoal variety) for a couple hundred dollars, and it’s just as possible to spend in the tens of thousands for an entire built-in kitchen, and there’s a whole range of prices in between. The only limit is your imagination and your budget!

The Possibilities

Now that you’ve made the decision to build a grill area, it’s time to decide how extravagant you want to go in your backyard kitchen. With items such as outdoor refrigerators, smokers – even outdoor pizza ovens, if you can believe that – it’s possible to build a chef’s dream kitchen just a few steps away from your back door! But if your budget doesn’t allow that possibility, the most basic set up is the built in barbecue, counter space, and if you have the room, a small refrigerator.

Going basic, however does not mean boring and humdrum, not by a fair shot! You get to choose between brick, stucco, or stacked rock for the structure (and so many other variations). Do you want tile, stainless steel, or other cooking surfaces? What about the size? Do you have a large family and/or entertain a lot? If so, you want to consider built in barbecue grills with a surface of at least 44 inches or more; for smaller families the range generally starts at 22 inches. Whatever your needs, whatever your desires, the opportunity to create your dream outdoor kitchen is just a few keystrokes away!

New Image Landscape and Pools Will Have You Cooking with Gas in No Time!

It’s simple – New Image Landscape and Pools has been creating backyard oases for years. We have the knowledge and the creativity to ensure your built in gas barbecue grills are unique to you and exactly what you’ve been dreaming of! Check out our website and take a look at our gallery pics of other built in barbecues we’ve built, and before long, you will be manning the helm of your own barbecue paradise!