Built-In Spas

Beautifully finished pool and spa with textured stone pergola by New Image's Mesa pool service

When you’re thinking about installing a spa, the first major decision you will need to make is the choice between a built-in spa and a portable or above ground spa. There are many valid arguments for either choice, but when you go the built-in route, the benefits aren’t always obvious.

Both types of Gilbert spas have many health benefits, including lowering stress levels and allowing for a better night’s sleep, and the romance of spending a cool night in the spa with a glass of wine and your partner in life cannot be undersold. But New Image Landscape and Pools knows there are other, more practical reasons, why a built-in spa is your best option. Keep reading to learn why you should purchase your own built-in spa!

Practical and Romantic

Built-in spas hold heat better than above ground ones; because you don’t have to run the heater as long, you will save on energy costs. Built-in spas are more appealing to potential buyers, as well, so feel free to bump up the asking price a little when you decide to sell your home!

An interesting factoid the portable spa salesman may not share with you is that the equipment on portable spas is difficult to reach. Built-in spa equipment is far easier to maintain and operate, giving you more time IN the spa instead of having fight the equipment from the outside. At the end of the day, the object for owning any spa is to spend more time relaxing and soaking muscles tired from a hard day at work, and less time working on the equipment!

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