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Can A Custom Pool Increase Your Property Value?

The simple answer is yes, a custom pool can and does increase the value of your property, but there are limitations! We’ve been in the business for a long time, and as such, we are passionate about our pools and our customers; your satisfaction and happiness is what we strive for, so we won’t lead you astray. Living in the warm desert climate makes a custom pool a useful addition to your home, and when you customize it, it can increase the value even more!

Reasons to Add a Pool

Not every pool adds value to your property. If the yard is too small, or if you live in a colder environment, you may want to pass on the pool—it’s just not worth the investment. Also, if you are planning on selling your home, understand that there may be a large demographic of people who will pass your home right by if they see you have a pool; people with young children who are worried about potential drownings or people who live on a tight budget may not think a pool is worth it and will keep on looking. But if you live in a high-end community where most homes have pools, it could cost you money not to construct one of your own. And a custom pool can add incentives to buyers with the opportunity to own a pool that isn’t like anyone else’s—everyone likes to be unique!

Custom Pools Vs Standard Pools

It’s true that you won’t recoup all your costs for building a pool; on average, a pool adds approximately 7 to 10 percent value to your home. But if you aren’t planning on moving anytime soon, the decision of whether to add a custom pool should be dependent on your needs, wishes, and desires. Would a standard pool satisfy your urge to swim? Most definitely—but if you can afford more, why not? You work hard and daily life can be stressful; don’t you deserve to be spoiled? Imagine looking out your window and seeing a pool with custom touches: a copper fire bowl, a rock waterfall, and a glass mosaic design of a redheaded mermaid gracing the bottom of your pool can bring a smile to your face that makes it worth the extra expense.

New Image Landscape and Pools

A custom pool can make all the difference in a day filled with stress and tension, as well as in the value of your property. Schedule a consultation with us today and discover how much better life can be when you have an oasis in your backyard!