Romantic Landscape Features to Make Your Landscaping Special

For those that read The Secret Garden as a child, the magic and mystery of that special place have probably lingered, inciting readers to attempt cultivating a secret garden in their own backyards. Even those who haven’t read the book, however, can still appreciate a landscape that is verdant and rich with the romantic touches often found in movies, books, or even in the gardens of the royals we all follow with avid curiosity. When you choose New Image Landscape and Pools for your romantic landscape needs, we can help you build an oasis of romance on your property as well, and these tips are just the beginning!

Lots and Lots of Greenery

Plants, bushes, and trees in the backyard create an escape that also works to stay cooler during the hottest days of summer. Green, lush, and romantic, enjoying a glass of iced tea in the shade of your evergreen elm with the love of your life promises to be one of many high points this summer.What’s Greenery Without the Color and Scent of Flowers? Color makes us happy, and while the green is important, the reds, purples, pinks, and yellows of summer flowers is equally important, as is the sweet scent of the aromatic blooms spicing up your night!Plant some fragrant roses under your bedroom window,and on cooler nights, sleeping with the windows open will give you sweet dreams!

Create a Path Edged in Solar Lights

Now that you have the basics completed, it’s time to work on the hardscape portion of your romantic landscaping. A brick path that disappears into your foliage, lined with beautiful solar lights, is about as romantic as you can imagine! Find a spot in the center and place a softly upholstered two-seater swing; whispered conversations under the glow of the full moon mean more in your enchanted and romantic garden hideaway!

Sounds of the Sea in your Romantic Landscaping

We live in the desert, with the nearest large body of water located a long 3.5-hour drive away—in another country! But the sounds of the sea can be mimicked easily and inexpensively with the purchase of a fountain. Available in all sizes, styles, and shapes, a fountain can be the finishing touch to your romantic backyard oasis.

Just the Beginning

These are just a few of the many ideas we have milling our brains to help create a romantic retreat. Give us a call today and let’s get started working on yours!

Pool Features to Add for Summer Fun

In case you haven’t noticed simply by stepping outside and feeling the sun scorching your skin, the summer heat has begun and our days of hiking, biking, and enjoying al fresco dinners have come to a temporary end. For the next 5 or 6 months air conditioning and your brand new pool will be your best friend and protector against the evil desert heat! If you’re in the process of building your new pool, or even if you have an existing pool, these new pool features will ensure your summer will be filled with fun, laughter, and most importantly, much needed coolness!

Adding a Slide

Fun for children of ALL ages—and yes, that includes your 44-year-old husband—a slide adds hours of fun to your pool adventures and offers a great chance to get a little extra exercise in as well! After climbing up the steps, then sliding into the water, then climbing up the steps (you get the idea!), you’ll enjoy the tight muscles on your calves at the end of the summer! And because a slide can be added at any time, as long as you have the room, it’s a great addition to an existing pool.

LED Lighting

Night time is the best time to swim during the hottest days of summer. Even if the water is warm, it still manages to cool down your core to allow you to enjoy a deep and peaceful sleep. And while your existing pool light works perfectly fine, the array of colors available in LED lighting makes your night swimming more fun and provides a beautiful glow to your backyard setting.

Chasing Waterfalls Can Be Fun

The sight of water streaming over rocks is a peaceful one, and when that waterfall is in your pool, it serves multiple purposes. Adding a sense of peace, the sounds of serenity, and most importantly, it can cool the waters allowing you to swim comfortably for a much longer period of time. A pool with a waterfall can add value to your home, and while the procedure for installing one on an existing pool isn’t as simple as adding a slide or lighting, it can be done.

New Image Landscape and Pools Has Your Back

You deserve to be as comfortable as you can during our long and difficult Arizona summers, and we at New Image Landscape and Pools are here to help you achieve that comfort with exciting pool features. Give us a call today and let’s get started on making your pool not just functional, but a fun and welcoming spot in your own personal oasis!

3 Reasons to Get a Splash Pad in Arizona

Splash pads are getting popular these days among families with kids. There’s nothing like playing in the water on a hot summer day. It’s fun, safe, and keeps the kids occupied for hours on end. We may have just summarized the main reasons why you’d want to install a splash pad in your yard, but the truth is there are far more important reasons to get yourself a splash pad in Arizona for the kids to enjoy—especially if you’re concerned about water safety or would rather have your children play in the water in a safe environment.

Safer Than Pools

Water safety is the number one concern of many parents. Pools are fun and all, but they come with risks, especially for those with small children. Splash pads on the other hand have little standing water which makes for little or no risk even with small children. The spraying nozzles allow the kids to play in the water as much as they like without any danger. They can crawl, jump, run, and dance in the water without the need for an adult keeping constant watch on them as is the case with pools and other large bodies of water.

Helps with the Child’s Development

Children at a young age need a lot of interaction with the environment around them in order to build their confidence and self-esteem. The sensory experiences splash pads provide are quite important for a child’s development. The water is a different medium that offers a lot of triggers that help build their brain and motor skills. As the child experiments with the water and learns about its unique laws of physics, they expand their knowledge of the world around them. And the best part is, the child gets to learn on their own. You won’t need to hover over them and teach them things; they get it all at their own pace.

A Splash Pad Suits Every Size and Budget

Unlike a swimming pool, a splash pad can fit within any space. You can customize them to suit any shape or design you like. You won’t need a large area to install a splash pad either; any space in your yard will do. You won’t need to have a fence around your property either. You turn it on when the kids want to play, then turn it off and forget about it. They require significantly less maintenance than pools do.

Splash pads are a great alternative for pools and suit every budget and location. Call us today to learn more about our great offers.

The Advantages of a 3D Model

Putting in a new pool is probably one of the biggest investments that you will ever make. So many people that have started this journey wish that they could get a better idea of what their yard will look like and what a new pool will bring to their landscape before they make this huge investment. New Image Landscape and Pools knows this feeling all too well, and that is why we employ the use of cutting edge 3D modeling software so you will know exactly what this investment will bring before you even break ground with your very own 3D model.

You Can Build the Backyard of Your Dreams

This modeling technology is advanced to the point where you can truly get a feel of how your backyard could be with the help of the professionals at New Image Landscape and Pools. This technology focuses on the design of your pool and how it fits within your backyard. But the model can include so much more, from waterfalls and rock features to fire pits and built-in barbecues. The quality of the images produced by this modeling software allow you to make the very best decisions before you even commit to any particular design.

A 3D Model Allows Plenty of Time for Adjustments

Once the ground is broken, your ability to make changes to the design and features of your pool decrease to nearly zero. With the process of 3D modeling coming before any actual construction, you have as much time as you need to make the adjustments that will ensure you will love your pool for years to come. You will also benefit from the experienced eyes of New Image’spool designers, making it easier than ever to nail down the perfect design. The combination of this software and the professionals who use it is a winning combination every time.

Find a New Image for your Pool and Landscape

New Image Landscape and Pools has been making customer dreams come true for over 35 years. Our 3D model technology is just one aspect of our business that sets us apart from the competition. You can also point to an unparalleled range of expertise, incredible customer service, and many years of experience as reasons that so many people have chosen us for their landscape and pool needs. Chose New Image Landscape and Pools and watch as we make your pool and landscape dreams a reality. Call us at (480) 654-4422 to learn more.

Pool Pump Maintenance Tips

Your pool pump plays a vital role in ensuring that your pool is well-maintained. The slightest issues with your pool pump can make your pool virtually unusable. Thus, it is important that you take the time to properly maintain your pool pump so that you can enjoy your pool to the fullest. The following are some pool pump maintenance tips that can help you keep your pool fresh and clean.

Clean the Filters

If your filters are clogged, it makes it difficult for the pool pump to work properly. To ensure proper water flow and clean pool water, it is best to clean the pool filters at least once a month when the pool is used frequently. Periodic cleaning of the filters three to four times a year is recommended for less frequent pool usage.

Remove Debris

It is common for dirt, debris, and algae to build up around the pump over time. It is best to avoid this build-up to prevent possible clogs. By cleaning the area around the pump on a regular basis, especially the motor vents, you eliminate potential clogs exponentially. Weekly cleaning of the area around the pump is recommended. It’s definitely one of the most important pool pump maintenance tips.

Check the Pressure Gauge

If you are experiencing issues with water flow and return in your pool, you may want to check the pressure gauge. The amount of pressure needed for a pool varies and is determined by the size of the pool as well as the strength or horsepower of the pump. If you are having issues determining the correct pressure for your pool, you can refer to the manual that came with the pressure gauge or seek the assistance of a qualified pool contractor. Proper water pressure is important for a clean, hygienic pool.

Check for Leaks

If you think that your pool pump is leaking, it is important to locate the reason for the leak. You could have a loose bolt or clamp. There could be an issue with bad sealing around your drain plugs. If the O-ring on the seal plate is bad, this can also cause leaks. If you are unsure of what is causing the leak or unsure how to fix the leak, the assistance of a reputable pool company is recommended.

Contact Us Today for the Best Pool Pump Maintenance Tips

If you would like assistance with maintaining your pool pump or any other aspect of your pool, let New Image Landscape and Pools assist you. With over 35 years of landscaping and pool experience, we can help you set up your pool so that you can enjoy it to the fullest. For more information on our services, contact us directly at 480-654-4422.

How to Choose the Right Tree for Your Arizona Home

Anyone who has ever lived in Phoenix, Arizona, or perhaps even just visited, knows that this desert climate can bring a fair bit of challenges. This manifests itself on many levels, but the homeowners out there will tell you none are more challenging than those inflicted on the landscape of your home, and your trees in particular. The good news is there are many effective methods in picking the right trees for your yard that will mitigate the headaches and ensure your landscape looks beautiful all year round. This is how you choose the right tree for your Arizona home.

Research Trees Adapted to This Environment

There are certain trees that will make you feel as if they are impossible to keep alive in the desert. Well, it is possible, it will just require a tremendous amount of work, money, and knowledge. On the other hand, there are many trees that will thrive here without you lifting a finger, except for perhaps the occasional trimming to keep it looking nice. These are the trees that you want on your landscape. Among many trees that thrive in Arizona are mesquites, palo verdes, citrus trees, and much more. Do your own research to find a long list of trees that will thrive in your yard. Consider

What You Want from the Tree

It is truly incredible the list of great things that a tree can provide for a homeowner. Being aware of the benefits of specific trees will go a long way in ensuring you pick the best one for you. One of the most popular reasons is the aesthetic beauty that they provide, thus improving the look and even the value of your home. If this is your goal, pick a tree with vibrant blooming conditions. They are also amazing for providing shade for property. Doing research will ensure you get the most shade for your buck. Trees can even provide food, so perhaps an orange or grapefruit tree could be the one for you.

Ensure the Tree Will Work in the Location You Have Planned

There has been an incredible number of trees cut down because they were growing into power lines, their roots breached underground plumbing, or they were just flat-out too big for the area they were planted. It only takes a bit of research to learn how big a space any given tree needs to thrive. Take this into account before planting the right tree for your Arizona home and you can save yourself numerous future headaches.

Call the Professionals to Pick the Right Tree for your Arizona Home

As with all matters of a beautiful landscape, it never hurts to call the professionals in regard to planting and taking care of trees in Arizona. With over 35 years of experience, the team at New Image Landscaping and Pools are just the sort of professionals you need. We provide countless services such as planting and taking care of your trees but also to address every aspect of a beautiful landscape. The friendly staff here would also love to simply provide you with guidance and advice over the phone if you are set on the DIY experience. Call us today at (480) 654-4422 and see how easy it can be to have a beautiful landscape year-round in Arizona.

Pool Restoration vs Getting a New Pool

There is nothing that makes the wildly hot temperatures of a Phoenix summer go by quite like having your own swimming pool. While owning your own pool is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family, it comes with a good bit of work in maintaining it. There are probably many people out there who have an old pool that is not in good shape and they are wondering if they should salvage their current pool or get a new one. Here are a few thoughts on pool restoration versus getting a new one.

Assess Your Damage

By becoming aware of the deficiencies of your pool, you can have a much better idea of the right solution for you. The main problems that pop up with pools are related to the equipment,from broken pool pumps to filtration systems. Aesthetic issues often come up with worn pool decks, pool liners, and features around the pool. More serious issues can come up like cracks in the pool liner and consequent leaks that have the potential of creating dangerous conditions in your pool.

Pool Restoration

Pool restoration is a great option for when the problems with your pool are mostly aesthetic. Resurfacing your pool deck can provide the effect that an entirely new pool can provide. Resurfacing your pool liner brings a fresh look to your pool which will make it look as good as new. An important part of this process is also to make sure your equipment is all in great shape so your pool can be clean and beautiful. Replacing filters, pool pumps, and cleaners is so important to a beautiful pool.

Replace Your Pool

This is a more expensive option, but the results are incredible. It is a good option when your pool has serious problems involving cracked plumbing and cracked pool liners. These conditions leak water into the ground below the pool, creating the possibility of a sinkhole, which is bad news. Entirely replacing the pool liner is essentially installing a new pool. The new liner will last for 10 to 15 years and remain a beautiful place to enjoy the water for many years. This often goes along with replacing much of the plumbing, so everything will be working very well.

Get Some Help

Regardless of the condition of your pool or the dreams you have about how you want your pool to be, you can always benefit from the perspective of the professionals. If you are in the Phoenix area, you will not find a more professional group than that of New Image Landscape and Pools. We provide countless services related to your pool, from design and construction to repairs, maintenance, cleaning, and on and on. The surest way to make your pool something that you can be proud of is to call us at (480) 654-4422!

Custom Outdoor Fireplaces – Here’s Why You Need One

The exterior of your home is important. It is a space that you can make your own so that you can enjoy your home to the fullest. Additions to the exterior of your home should not only complement the existing landscape but they should also provide practical usage that adds value to your property. Such is the case with the addition of custom fireplaces. They are both aesthetically pleasing while also being practically enjoyable. Here are some reasons why you should consider a custom outdoor fireplace.

Creating Ambiance

Fireplaces create ambiance in any environment. There is something very warming and cozy about sitting in front of a fireplace. The warm orange-red glow of the flames makes everyone feel at ease and comfortable. Adding a custom fireplace to your existing landscape is an excellent way to create a central gathering place on the exterior of your property. People naturally gravitate towards fireplaces, and the addition of a custom fireplace will make the property highly coveted as a gathering place.

Keeping Warm

A custom outdoor fireplace offers the practical benefits of keeping you warm. Whether you want to enjoy time outside on a crisp fall evening roasting marshmallows or you want to feel warm after taking a dive in the pool, a custom outdoor fireplace is advantageous in both circumstances. With your own heating mechanism outside, you can now enjoy the exterior of your home more often-especially as the temperatures drop.

Filling Space

Creating the proper balance of space usage on your landscape is important. You want your landscape to feel welcoming and inviting without feeling stuffy and confining. Likewise, large empty spaces throughout the exterior of your home are attention grabbers. Others may even ask what you plan on doing with all that “extra space”. Adding a custom outdoor fireplace enables you to fill the space with a scalable object that is both useful and complimentary to the existing landscape.  In doing so, you fill in the “extra space” while also increasing the value of your property.

Get a Custom Fireplace Today

If you are interested in adding a custom outdoor fireplace to your home, it is important to have the assistance of a reputable landscaping company. New Image Landscape and Pools offers premier landscaping services in Phoenix and throughout Arizona. Our understanding and dedication to helping our customers create the exterior environment they desire for their homes is unparallel. With over 35 years of experience, you can trust New Image Landscape and Pools with the installation of your custom outdoor fireplace. For more information on how you can get started on the installation of your custom outdoor fireplace, contact us directly at 480-654-4422.

3 Ways to Make Your Garden More Private

A garden is a wonderful, aesthetically pleasing addition to any environment. Gardens are also quite practical in that they provide such conveniences as shade and privacy. When it comes to a garden, establishing privacy is important so you can enjoy your space to the fullest without the concern of prying eyes or interruptions. The following are three ways to make your Mesa garden more private.

Fence It in

Nothing says privacy more than a fence. The way in which you create the fenced barrier is totally up to you. Before investing in a fence for your garden, make sure that you have established your property lines. Regarding privacy, you have the choice of full-privacy or semi-privacy fences. Full privacy fences are made in a manner that eliminates gaps between the panels. The only way someone can see into your garden is by looking over the fence. There is also the option of semi-privacy fences which still offer a certain level of privacy while including the spaces between the panels,so people can see through the fence. These types of fences are available in different sizes and materials to suit your landscape.

Go Green for Privacy

Use the beauty of nature to create privacy for your garden while experiencing a greener, lush landscape. Hedge fences are an excellent way to create privacy with plants. To create the best hedge for privacy needs, choose a plant that grows tall such as boxwood or privet. Other green options for privacy include the use of flowering bushes such as laurels,as they can grow upwards of 8-feet. Planting trees and bushes around an existing fence is also another way to create more privacy for your existing Mesa garden.

Creative Cover for Your Mesa Garden

Try adding creative touches to your garden for more privacy. Hanging drapes or large pieces of fabric around the perimeter of a garden is a creative way to control the level of privacy in your garden. Consider installing a trellis that includes a climbing plant such as ivy. You can even incorporate a vertical garden into your existing landscape by planting tall plants in pots which helps to create a green privacy barrier.

At New Image Landscape and Pools, we can help you create the privacy you desire for your landscape. With over 35 years of landscaping experience, we offer a variety of innovative ideas to help you enjoy your garden to the fullest. For more information on creating your private garden, contact us at 480-654-4422.

3 Reasons to Get a Custom Spa

Owning a custom-made spa is a luxury that you can definitely afford. If you have been seriously considering the addition of a spa to your home, stop wrestling with yourself. There are so many good reasons why having a spa in your home is worth the investment. From the convenience to personal and monetary benefits, a custom spa is an investment that keeps giving.

Easy to Install

Why leave your home to lounge in someone else’s spa when you can invest in your own custom-made spa for your home. Oftentimes people think that owning a spa is something that is unattainable. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Installing a custom spa is not as complicated as it seems if you have the assistance of a qualified contractor. As long as you know what you want from your spa experience, you can install a custom spa in your home that meets your needs.

Enhancing Your Home

One of the many benefits of installing your own custom spa is enhancing your home environment. By working with an experienced, licensed contractor, you can create a spa that compliments your existing home environment. Because installing a custom spa is an investment, it is important to know which installation methods are best for you. If you already have a pool, you can install an in-ground custom spa. Doing so not only increases the value of your pool, but also the value of your home while also improving the appearance of your pool.

Personal Benefits

If you are the type of person that uses a spa for health purposes, installing your own custom spa is beneficial in numerous ways. You no longer have to go outside your home to receive the healing benefits of hydrotherapy. A custom spa is perfect for people dealing with such issues as arthritis, nerve pain, and even chronic stress. Financially, you’ll save a lot of money by investing in your own custom spa, especially if you are a person that uses a spa on a regular basis. Also, with the installation of your very own custom spa, you have the benefit of knowing that your spa is well-maintained and properly sanitized.

Contact us For More Information About a Custom-Made Spa

If you are interested in finally taking the leap and installing your own custom-made spa, it is important to choose a contractor that you can trust. New Image Landscape and Pools is a well-known, reputable provider of landscaping and pool services in Phoenix and throughout Arizona. With over 30 years of experience, we have the expertise to install the custom spa you desire within your budget. To start building your custom spa, contact us today!