3 Tips for a Luscious Winter Landscape

As winter grows near, living in Arizona means we don’t have to settle for a barren and desolate landscape; this is the time when our yards can bloom with the most beautiful of flowers! Winter rye grass keeps our lawns greener than our summer lawns, and warm-ish temperatures bring out the best in the flowers we plant. This guide to your Arizona winter landscape offers three special tips to ensure your home will be the talk of the neighborhood—in the best way possible!

Starting with the Winter Rye

Desert landscapes are popular in the Phoenix area, but during the winter, the deep and emerald green of winter rye can be seen in private yards and business landscaping all over the valley, and if a thick lawn is your dream, we can help make this particular dream come true! When the ambient temperature falls below 65 degrees at night, it’s time to start planting, and the steps are easy. Scalp your lawn, spread the seed, and top it with fertilizer. Water your lawn at least five times a day during the first two weeks, and watch the blades emerge one by one. In about 2 more weeks, your lawn will be a blanket of green!

Add Some Color to Your Arizona Winter Landscape

Warmer temperatures allow for flowers that bloom in a colorful cacophony of beauty. Including flowering plants such as geraniums, petunias, pansies, and snapdragons will ensure a fragrant and breathtaking sight. Grow them from seed or transplants, or simply purchase a colorful basket of them from your local home improvement store and place them strategically around your yard. Their cheerful colors will never fail to bring a smile to your face throughout the season! Planting winter vegetables will add some additional color to your landscape and to your winter table; stake out a section of your lawn for raised planter boxes and plant artichokes, carrots, cabbage, and broccoli during the winter season.

Touch up your Hardscape

Winter’s milder weather makes this season the perfect time to paint, and your wooden Adirondack chairs and garden gazebo have been looking a little less than fresh; pick your favorite colors and get to work. Even that garden bench you placed near the fountain in your back Arizona winter landscape could stand for a little touch-up with stain or paint.

Step Back and Take a Look

 The beauty and tranquility of your lush landscaping is sure to touch your soul as it becomes the place you never want to leave. Give us a call today and let us help give you the winter yard of your dreams!

It’s Time to Prep Your Winter Lawn

As the days grow shorter and the temperatures drop, just a little, the calendar tells us that even though it doesn’t feel very much like fall, that season has arrived and now is the perfect time to prepare your winter lawn! Unlike many states in the nation, our winter lawns can be lush, verdant, and even thicker and greener than our summer ones, and this guide will help you attain what formerly seemed unattainable. Your winter lawn can be the envy of the neighborhood and the most beautiful on the block!

Winter Rye is the Answer

Your summer Bermuda goes dormant once the temperatures consistently fall below 65 degrees at night, making this the perfect time to start the prep. Your first step will to be cut your grass low; your mower blade should be between ¼ and ½ inch, being sure to clean up all the clippings your mower may leave behind. Your yard will look stark, naked, and brown, but never fear—this stage doesn’t last long.

Now that you have a scalped lawn, it’s time to see with the winter rye. The amount you need varies and is determined by how long you like your grass to be when it is green; for grass between one and two inches, you’ll need about 12 pounds of seed for every 1000 square feet, and 15 pounds for shorter lawns. As you sow the seeds you will want to ensure you don’t skip any spots or overlap in others. Sowing in two directions will help eliminate this issue, but to be honest, you should be more concerned with bare spots than the overlap issue.

Once the seed is spread, it’s time for the smelly stuff. If you have lived in Arizona for at least one fall, you’ve experienced fertilizer season, and now you have an idea as to what all the stink is about: the desire for a beautiful winter lawn! Grab a clothespin, some thick gloves, and follow the directions on the bag for the correct way to spread the fertilizer and prepare for at least a week of keeping your doors and windows shut as much as possible if you don’t want the smell to permeate your house.

The final step is the watering your winter lawn. We live in the desert and rain falls rarely this time of year, so you will need to water five times a day for about two weeks to let the seeds germinate. At the end of two weeks, be sure to set your sprinkler timer back to only once a day, and about two weeks after that, you can mow your beautiful lawn for the first time of the season. Winter rye grows fast and thick, so count on this being a weekly chore, but if your kids looking for a little extra spending money, you won’t have to worry!

Take the Easy Way for Your Winter Lawn

The simplest way to prep for your winter lawn is to give us a call today and let us do the labor. We can help you turn your dreary backyard into a beautiful spot that will make all the neighbors jealous!

Incorporating New Pool Technology into Your Backyard

As the new millennium picks up speed, yard design options are changing equally rapidly. Just a couple of decades ago the smartest thing in our backyards were the families and pets that lived there. while today some of the technology used may actually be smarter than we are! But that’s ok; smart technology does make yard design and care easy. In many cases all you may need is an app on your phone and someone to help you understand how the app works! This guide to incorporating new pool technology into your backyard promises to be the most important thing you’ve read all year, so don’t hesitate a minute longer!

Smart Sprinkler Systems

The old sprinkler timers that were once so popular did make our lives easier and our yards greener, but they might not have done much for the environment. Basically, we set the timers to allow the sprinklers to turn on and turn off at certain times of day, and if we happened to be home when the rain started, we’d run out and switch to rain mode. Today’s smart sprinkler systems, however, are game-changers. Offering voice commands and the ability to detect weather changes and adapt accordingly, these sprinkler systems save time, money, and help the environment, especially as we live in an area where water is a precious resource!

Smart Lighting

Outdoor lighting has evolved as well, and although we once thought motion sensors and night detecting sensors were incredible, we now know there is so much more that can be done with today’s lighting. From changing the color to being able to control lights from a phone app, today’s customizable lighting options will brighten your world!

Even Pools Can Be Smart

Technology for pools has increased by leaps and bounds, making it simpler for a homeowner to maintain. Controlling equipment run times, lighting, and monitoring chemical balance, the IQ of pool technology has risen significantly; there are even robot pool cleaners that have recently become the latest in upgrades.

So Much More!

From chill maintaining wine glasses to LED furniture, the technology for creating our own home paradise expands each day. Give us a call and let’s discuss what we can do to move your backyard into genius mode! Check out our pool and spa remodeling services!

Arizona Water Features to Add for a Sophisticated Look

When it comes to landscaping an idyllic backyard or lawn, a little water goes a long way. The experts at New Image Landscape and Pools are professionally trained to see beyond the basics and incorporate intricate details that create just the right ambiance in your yard. Arizona water features are a fantastic addition to any landscaping project and have the potential to add a sophisticated look to a home’s exterior. When you’re hoping to upgrade your home’s façade, start with one of these incredible water features that take your landscaping to a new level of exceptional.

Blue Tile Pools

The reflective nature of water makes it a wonderful element when it comes to enhancing the sophisticated look of a pool or spa. If you’re hoping to create a swimming space in the yard that reminds one of an upscale luxury resort, consider landscaping that incorporates stunning blue tiles. The blue of the tiles works to reflect the sun during the day and picks up on a warm glow from underwater lights at night. Blue tile pools are a water feature that provides the tranquility many homeowners are looking for from their home-based spa experience.

Copper Pot Fountains

Let your landscaping reflect the elegance of a European garden by creating a central focal point with a copper pot fountain. These large pots complete with intricate handles are perfect when placed within a sunken pool and surrounded by multiple flower beds. Finishing the copper pot fountain with a surrounding of delicate stonework adds to the intrigue and texture of this inviting space in the yard.

Glass Water Walls

There’s something undeniably magical about the addition of a glass water wall. During the day, this water feature keeps pools churning while at night, a glass water wall glows with the help of underwater lights. While the glass will effectively reflect lights during the day and evening hours, surrounding a glass water wall with lush foliage is a great way to contrast the delicate look of this whimsical landscaping feature.

Koi Ponds

While it’s the perfect landscaping addition when you’re looking to achieve Zen in a yard, adding a captivating Koi pond complete with a small cascade makes for a lovely look all the way around. Stacked stone edging and green foliage provide a natural and beautiful frame for the colorful fish that call these Koi ponds home. Consider incorporating a footpath leading to the pond for added intrigue and sophistication when it comes to this particular water feature.

Give us a call if you have any questions!

Fall Foliage Ideas for Your Yard

While we might be suffering through the hot Arizona summer temperatures, it is never too early to start planning for fall. Bring out the best colors in your landscaping by adding some incredible fall foliage to your yard. Here are some ideas to help make your yard the best it can be:

Get That Fall Color Landscape

While most native trees in Arizona do not have color changing leaves, you can still plant some trees that will offer just that. For that fall color of yellow, orange, and even red leaves we recommend planting the following in your yard: silk tree, paperback maple, Chinese pistache, Japanese maple, and the Japanese persimmon. Each of these trees is hardy enough to survive Arizona’s dry, hot summers and the potential for freezing temperatures during the winter. These trees can take several years to reach an age where they start producing leaves that will change colors with the seasons, so make sure to plan ahead. Since rainfall is sparse throughout the year in Arizona you can optimize the yard by planting the trees approximately 6 inches lower than the surrounding level.

Let the Flowers Bring a Pop of Color

Trees are not the only way to achieve some color during the late fall season. Plenty of flowers can help compliment your yard’s aesthetic with their late bloom. If you want a yard that is full of color, we recommend planting rain lilies, which will be in full bloom during September through October. While these plants are also not native to Arizona, they are persistent perennials and survive well in the Arizona heat. Make sure the soil dries out between each watering as most perennials need in Arizona. Once you have your rain lilies properly rooted in the soil, expect a colorful and vibrant backyard you will want to show off!

Best Shrubbery for Fall

To finish up your yard for fall try your hand at planting some burning bush. This foliage is popular in Arizona for its burning red color that is on display during the fall season. If the bush receives at least six hours of sun a day, you can expect this vibrant color all season long.

Pristine Landscape Just in Time for Fall

Do not let the hot Arizona summer get the best of you and let the trusted experts at New Image Landscape and Pools get your yard ready for fall. Our experts can help you bring out all of the color and maximize space in your yard just in time for fall.

How to Maximize Space in a Small Backyard

If you have spent any time at all in Arizona, one of the first things you may have noticed, aside from the heat, is the size of the backyards in many neighborhoods. Land is valuable and developers seem to feel that bigger homes can fit on a smaller lot, and if you can shake hands with your neighbor just by sticking your arm out the side window, well, at least your bathroom is large enough for an entire family to live in! While not all Arizona yards are that tiny, if yours is one of the smaller ones, there’s no need to give up the hope of creating an oasis back there; just follow this guide to maximizing the space on your small piece of land!

Utilize Container Gardens

Gardening can be a beautiful way of reducing stress and helping families eat healthier, but a small yard will limit the amount of gardening you can do. Using planters and other containers, however, can make the space look beautiful and allow you to participate in your favorite hobby. Try making a salsa container garden and grow cilantro, jalapeños, tomatillos, and tomatoes in various pots and your family will love you forever!

Scale is Important

If your yard is small, furnishing the patio with a table for 12 or a full-sized outdoor sofa may not be the best way of utilizing the available space. Outdoor love seats and smaller patio tables offer a homey touch to the area without taking up valuable acreage!

Install a Hot Tub

Although you may get more use from a pool, if you move into a neighborhood with a community pool, installing a hot tub in your backyard saves space and can be a convenient way to keep muscles loose throughout the year. Inviting in ways a pool won’t be in the cooler months of winter, a hot tub offers romance and practicality in small spaces.

Divide the Yard into Zones

Creating different zones—one for dining, one for relaxing, one for gardening, and one for cooking—gives homeowners a structure for creating the environment of their dreams. Keep each spot tight and uncluttered and use lighting, outdoor rugs, and furnishings to define each area. Use the same materials throughout the space to make each zone seem larger.

Call New Image Landscape and Pools

The easiest way to maximize the potential of your small Arizona yard is by bringing in the experts. Give us a call today and let’s discuss what you can do to create an oasis of serenity and tranquility in your small space!

Romantic Landscape Features to Make Your Landscaping Special

For those that read The Secret Garden as a child, the magic and mystery of that special place have probably lingered, inciting readers to attempt cultivating a secret garden in their own backyards. Even those who haven’t read the book, however, can still appreciate a landscape that is verdant and rich with the romantic touches often found in movies, books, or even in the gardens of the royals we all follow with avid curiosity. When you choose New Image Landscape and Pools for your romantic landscape needs, we can help you build an oasis of romance on your property as well, and these tips are just the beginning!

Lots and Lots of Greenery

Plants, bushes, and trees in the backyard create an escape that also works to stay cooler during the hottest days of summer. Green, lush, and romantic, enjoying a glass of iced tea in the shade of your evergreen elm with the love of your life promises to be one of many high points this summer.What’s Greenery Without the Color and Scent of Flowers? Color makes us happy, and while the green is important, the reds, purples, pinks, and yellows of summer flowers is equally important, as is the sweet scent of the aromatic blooms spicing up your night!Plant some fragrant roses under your bedroom window,and on cooler nights, sleeping with the windows open will give you sweet dreams!

Create a Path Edged in Solar Lights

Now that you have the basics completed, it’s time to work on the hardscape portion of your romantic landscaping. A brick path that disappears into your foliage, lined with beautiful solar lights, is about as romantic as you can imagine! Find a spot in the center and place a softly upholstered two-seater swing; whispered conversations under the glow of the full moon mean more in your enchanted and romantic garden hideaway!

Sounds of the Sea in your Romantic Landscaping

We live in the desert, with the nearest large body of water located a long 3.5-hour drive away—in another country! But the sounds of the sea can be mimicked easily and inexpensively with the purchase of a fountain. Available in all sizes, styles, and shapes, a fountain can be the finishing touch to your romantic backyard oasis.

Just the Beginning

These are just a few of the many ideas we have milling our brains to help create a romantic retreat. Give us a call today and let’s get started working on yours!

3 New Arizona Pool Design Ideas to Make Your Backyard Stand Out

Remember the days when very few people had pools in their backyard, and those that did had to stick to two basic designs? With very few exceptions (Liberace’s piano shaped pool, for one!), the standard homeowner’s pool was built in the shape of a rectangle or a kidney. It made the design process a lot easier to complete but said nothing about the owner’s personality!

Today, however, the only limits to your pool design is your imagination—and your budget, of course! To get you started on the path to innovation, we’ve created this guide to three new Arizona pool design ideas that will make your backyard stand out.

Recessed Lounge Area

Your pool is guaranteed to be the talk of the neighborhood when you include a recessed lounge area that is perfect for socializing, tanning, and staying dry on those days you don’t want to worry about your hair! Built-in concrete seating, cushions, and a built-in table can be the focus of your backyard oasis; just add friends and alcohol (no glass!) and you have the ingredients for a perfect pool party.

Zero-Edge Pools

This breathtaking Arizona pool design idea(also called the infinity edge)has become popular in yards with a view,and your home in the foothills is perfect for the zero-edge look. Seemingly going on forever,as you sit in a lounge chair at the other end of your pool, your view of the valley will be enhanced by the crystal-clearwaters of your new pool. Add a firepit in the center or along the edges and your neighbors will be green with envy!

Create an Oasis

When you really want to impress, your cool new pool offers many opportunities to enhance its natural beauty.From cascading waterfalls to hot tubs to lazy rivers,your backyard will stand out against the sea of ordinary! Add a koi pond and a bridge that crosses the pond for maximum wow factor.Your backyard oasis is the one place in your life that will never let you down.

New Image Landscape and Pools for Great Arizona Pool Design Ideas

Going above and beyond the norm can be a scary experience, especially if you don’t have the knowledge to determine if what you are dreaming about can be done! When it’s time to stop dreaming and start constructing, give New Image Landscape and Pools a call. We have the knowledge and experience to give you the backyard of your dreams!

How to Create a Shady Sanctuary in Your Backyard

Summers are meant to be spent outside as much time as possible, enjoying the cool shade and drinking our favorite beverages while watching our children horseplay in the green grass, but when you live in Arizona, summers are more often spent inside, savoring the air conditioning while our children veg out with their favorite videogames! Well, we have a newsflash for you: This is the dessert and finding a shady spot to lounge can be an impossibility if you don’t know the right people! We at New Image Landscape and Pools consider ourselves the right people, and this guide to creating a shady sanctuary in your backyard could be the key to changing your life.

Shade Trees are the Obvious Solution to Your Arizona Landscaping Needs

Unless you have a lot of money to have full-sized shade trees planted, you’re going to need a lot of patience with your Arizona landscaping; it takes a while to grow tall enough to create the sanctuary you’ve always dreamed of. If you do have the patience, the following three trees will grow fast, provide good shade, and best of all, survive the desert heat: the Arizona Ash, a deciduous tree that provides a rare touch of color in the fall; the South American Tipu Tree, which flowers in the summer; and the Chinese Elm, which grows fast and thrives in the desert sun.

Sun Shades Aren’t Just for Your Car

Also called sails, these fabric covers can are typically triangular shaped and can be tied to poles, roof edges, or even staked to the ground on one side to ensure all-day shade. Perfect for homes that don’t have covered patios, they can also be used to extend one that already is covered. Add some flowers and a water feature and your shady sanctuary will do its job without costing you an arm and a leg!

Gazebos, Pergolas, or Pavilions

If you really want a shady oasis to shield you from the desert heat, building a structure can be the perfect solution. Call them gazebos, pergolas, pavilions, or simply a shade structure—whatever your preference, these wood structures can be a life saver! We’ve seen simple ones that involve no more than four legs and a tin roof, made beautiful with furnishings, curtains, and of course more flowers, or elaborate ones with gabled roofs that are shingled featuring an entire living area under its cooling eaves; the only limits are your imagination and your wallet!

Come Outside and Play

Give us a call today and spend more time outside playing in your shady sanctuary and less time watching television. We’re here to help!

3 Tips to Make Your Arizona Landscape Stand Out

The exterior of your home says a lot about you as a property owner. The landscaping on your property has the potential to make your home more aesthetically pleasing while also offering a number of practical benefits. If you are looking for ways to make your landscape more appealing, here are three tips that can easily make your Arizona landscape stand out.

Colorful Shrubbery & Plants

There is something very appealing about a splash of color on your property. Adding lots of green trees and shrubs offers something to look at on the grounds. During the changing of the seasons, the addition of trees and shrubbery is especially noticeable and attractive. They also offer much needed shade and privacy. The addition of plants on the front and back of a property adds curb appeal and interest. Consider planting flowers that have varying blooming times. This ensures that you will always have foliage no matter the time of year. Make sure to properly care for your grass as your brown, dry grass is an eyesore.

Add Some Water

Adding a fountain or even a small bird bath is an excellent way to add dimension to your Arizona landscape. When considering the addition of a fountain, make sure that it is scaled for your landscape. You don’t want the fountain to be too big as it will take away from other aspects of your landscape. Likewise, you don’t want the fountain to be too small because it will get lost in the landscape. Also, consider using natural materials for your fountain as this will allow the fountain to blend in nicely among other portions of the property. Try using materials that are already incorporated into the exterior of the property whenever possible.

Lighting is Beneficial to Your Arizona Landscape

Lighting is a necessity to sure the safety and security of your property. It is also serves the purpose of accenting various areas of your landscape. Strategically placed lighting can make a major difference in the appearance of the exterior of your home. Consider using lighting for your walkway as well as to accent the front of your property. Lighting is also useful for creating ambiance such as creating lighting around a deck or patio or showing off features within a landscape such as rock formations or plant beds.

If you feel that your landscape could use a makeover, New Image Landscape and Pools can help. With over 35 years of experience, we have the expertise to help you create a visually and functionally appealing landscape. For more information on improving your existing landscape, visit our website or contact us directly at 480-654-4422.