Advanced Pool Design Options

Planning a pool is one of the greater joys in life, even if you are just going for the basic options, because you know that at the end of construction, your ordinary backyard will turn into an oasis of cool—at least for most of the summer! Being able to swim under the night sky will cool your core temperature as it eases your mind. We firmly believe that many of our personal problems have been solved by a quick dip, and we often find our Zen moments as we strain the pool for leaves and debris; standing by the pool, mindlessly reaching out with net and pole is strangely calming! And because less is never more when it comes to pools, for those of you that are considering something more, these advanced pool design options are guaranteed to increase your delight; your backyard can be something all the neighbors will dream could be theirs.

Infinity Edge

When you want a touch of the dramatic, an infinity edge will make your pool stand out from all others. Offering a near-seamless view of the water, as you peer out into the landscape of your backyard, it appears to be one with the land and the views of beyond. An infinity edge also offers an easier way to keep the surface of your pool clean, as the entire edge of the pool acts as one big skimmer.

Negative Edge

A negative edge pool is similar to the infinity edge with the difference being that only one side, or a portion of the pool, drops off into an exterior trough. This particular option will take your breath away if you’re one of the fortunate owners of a home in the mountains; it gives your backyard a view of infinite distance, not unlike the ocean when you stare into the horizon!

Beach Entry

Also called a walk-in entry, the beach entry gradually slopes from the deck as it transitions into the cool blue water of your pool. Providing a safe play area for smaller children to play—while being supervised, of course—it’s also an ideal choice for those with disabilities or those who may have troubles with their knees and/or hips, allowing swimmers to walk into the water without having to manage the steps that are your traditional way of entering a pool. It’s also a great place to lounge in a lounge chair, staying cool as you soak in the rays of the desert sun, perhaps reading that summer bestseller you’ve had on your nightstand for far too long!

Choosing Your In-Pool Seating

In the early days of pool construction, a single bench (often called a loveseat) along one side of the pool was about as good as you could get, but today’s options are only limited by your imagination—and your budget, of course! For simplicity’s sake, today we often find more than one bench, placed in the deepest areas of the pool, giving swimmers a chance to rest, sunbathe, or read if you don’t have a pool float. These benches can also be used for placement of volleyball sleeves and pool lighting, adding more amenities and a luxurious appearance to the body of water in your backyard. Benches placed under grottos are fun, especially as the water tumbles over the side, giving pool occupants the feel of being in a cave behind a waterfall. Offering a touch of romance for young lovers and a touch of adventure for young children who like to pretend they are pirates at sea about to make their mortal enemies (younger siblings, perhaps?) walk the plank!

Other seating areas, however, include tables and chairs that can be built as a permanent structure. Best for larger pools, you can create swim-up bars or entire seating areas that stay dry even as they are surrounded by water. And because needs change, removeable table and chairs are also available.

Resort-Like Pools

We’ve all spent a weekend or more in a big resort, enjoying the amenities, including the waterpark-like pool areas, but did you know you can construct a pool with many of the same extras? Your version may be smaller, offering only one waterslide instead of six, but it can still offer a scaled down version of the fun! Include a lazy river and a romantic bridge, add a residential splash pad off to the side for younger children to enjoy, and of course, the grotto we mentioned before! Fire pits in the water create a much talked about addition, and the shape of your pool can be a conversation piece as well. Musicians have been known to create piano or even, in one particular case, a cello pool using LED lighting to create the frets!

Be It Grand or Simple

Building a pool in your backyard is one of those simple luxuries that fast becomes a necessity for Arizonans. Give us a call today and let’s discuss how we can turn your backyard into the oasis of your dreams!

Enjoy Year-Round Water Fun with a Heated Spa or Pool

Living in the Phoenix area comes with many perks. Offering a beautiful landscape, friendly people, and weather that lets us enjoy our pools almost year-round, there’s no place we would rather live! But the word “almost” bothers us a little, because we know that with an average of 299 days of sunshine in Phoenix each year, we should be able to take advantage of our pools the entire year, not just part of the year. When you add a heater to your pool, install a hot tub in your backyard, or do both, you CAN swim or simmer in bubbles every day of the year! Life just doesn’t get any better than this when you have a heated spa.

Adding a Heater to Your Pool

If you already have a pool, a professional can install a heater to your equipment fairly easily and at a reasonable price. Depending on the size of your pool, heater prices can run about $1000 and up, with installation prices varying according to the installer. If you’re thinking about going that route, give us a call here at New Image Landscape and Pools and we can work up an estimate that will easily fit in your pool budget! If you’re just now planning on digging a new pool in your backyard, adding the heater to your equipment is an easy fix; we bring up the topic of pool heaters at the very beginning of the planning stage, so there are no surprises when the weather cools.

Heated Spa in Arizona?

Although we all know that by August, the pool water can actually feel like a hot tub, or at the very least, a very large bathtub filled with warm water, a hot tub is still something homeowners still consider, and for very good reasons. Once the sun drops behind the mountains in the winter, the air can develop a bite, and soaking in the bubbly wonders of your own hot tub can be a very good thing. Aching muscles, bad backs, or just a bad day at the office are other reasons that adding a hot tub to your property will be the best idea you’ve had since the thought of moving to the Phoenix area entered your mind!

Give Us a Call

The cool days are what keep desert dwellers sane, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop all outdoor fun when the temperatures drop. Give us a call today and let’s start a discussion on adding a heated spa to your life!

Accent Your Yard with Lighting Features

It’s been a long haul, but after months of spending your weekends working on your yard, it is no longer the barren and sterile space you feel the need to ignore as much as possible; today it is an oasis with a crystal blue pool, colorful flowers, and a few structures to add interest and coolness in the desert heat. Beautiful, stylish, and inviting, it’s almost your favorite part of your home—until the sun sets, that is. Offering no other source of lighting than a single bulb on the patio and the LED pool lights, once darkness sets in it’s nothing more than a black hole that forces you away rather than drawing you in. Since you’ve spent all that time and money, wouldn’t you like to make the space inviting at night? It’s easy to do when you accent your yard with the lighting features in this guide!

Porch Lighting

Your choices for porch lighting are numerous and include options you may not have known existed! For those with railings and steps, you can invest in deck post lights, deck rail lights, baluster lights, and even step lights, creating a welcoming glow for the nights when you want to sit outside with a glass of wine and the company of those closest to you. Options for wall lighting also include sensor-activated ones that turn on with movement, stunning ceiling lights, or even exterior ceiling fans that come with lights as well.

Yard Lights

Larger yards offer plenty of space to create pathways that meander through and around your garden and installing path lighting can give your yard the extra boost of light that it needs! Solar path lights are the easiest ones to install and they come in a variety of styles, including our favorite, the lantern. Simply stick them in the ground, let the sun do its magic, and by nightfall your garden will be illuminated in a soft gleam of luminosity!

Up lights can be used at the base of trees, offering a stark beauty that also works to keep burglars from having a place to hide. Fairy lights can be strung in the trees to give your yard a magical appearance and string lights can be hung on the cover of your patio. There will be no reason to be afraid of the dark when all these light options are available!

We Can Help with Your Pool Lights, Porch Lights, and Yard Lights

With lighting, whether pool lights or yard lights, there is a possibility that too much is too much, and too little will never be enough. Give us a call today and we can help illuminate the issue of your incomplete yard!

Saltwater Vs. Fresh Water Pools

There was once a time when pool variances were rare. Homeowners were able to pick from a small selection of chlorine pool styles and then would pay an arm and a leg, wait months for it to be built, and be happy; it’s no wonder the not very efficient above ground pool went through a brief period of popularity! Today, however, is another story altogether. Choosing from styles of all shapes and sizes, surface materials, depths, and even edge styles makes the process a bit more complicated, and when you add the choice of saltwater versus fresh water, it should make you glad that you have us on your side to help you interpret your Arizona pool choices!

The Popular Choice

Although chlorine works perfectly well, the benefits of a salt water pool make them the most popular choice in new Arizona pool builds. Saltwater pools are much better at maintaining the chemical balance needed for clarity and health, and because saltwater pools convert salt particles to chloritic acid, which is the purest form of chlorine, it helps keep the pH levels from fluctuating.

Another saltwater pool characteristic is the lower amount of chloramines that are produced by oxidation; chloramines are the irritants in chlorine that burn your eyes, leaving them red and irritated. And although many people worry that a saltwater pool will make the skin dry and itchy much as a swim in the ocean would, the levels of salt parts per million (ppm) in a pool average about 2800 to 4200; for comparison, salt levels in the sea run about 35,000 ppm. The softer water of saltwater pools leaves the pool running smoother, cleaner, and may help people with skin allergies suffer less reactions.

While a saltwater pool costs more to set up initially, maintenance costs are low enough to help pool owners make up the difference in the long run.

Still a Viable Solution for You Arizona Pool

The startup cost of a saltwater pool can make it difficult for homeowners on a limited budget to afford, so if a chlorine pool is all that your budget can withstand, go with that option. Chlorine pools can be converted to saltwater at any time, so choosing this alternative doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to chlorine forever—you’re just putting it off for a minute or two!

New Image Landscape and Pools Can Help

There are a lot of issues to consider when making the decision to build an Arizona pool in your backyard. Give us a call today and let’s get started on your personal oasis!

Building Heated Pools in Phoenix or Spas for Year-Round Enjoyment

There are more than a few facts that first time residents or visitors do not realize about our state, but the one that seems to surprise them the most is learning that, yes, it DOES get cold in Arizona! No, we don’t get ice storms or blizzards in the Greater Phoenix area, but come January or February, the temps drop, and we bring out our version of winter coats! Fortunately, the really cold snaps last only a few days at a time, but the cooler nights the rest of the time can limit our enjoyment of our pools. Unless, of course, we invest heated pools in Phoenix, or better yet, a spa for year-round soaks, and New Image Landscape and Pools is here to help you with the process!

Pool Heaters to the Rescue

Temperatures can stay in the 100s during the day all the way through Halloween, often picking back up again in April or early May, but the cool temperatures of winter can keep our pools from being comfortable. Too cold to swim in, even as the sun shines brightly overhead, we can’t help but feel annoyed at not being able to enjoy its sparkling blue depths—unless you invest in a pool heater! Offering an extended swim season for a relatively low price, it doesn’t add too much to your electric bill but adds a whole lot of fun to your outdoor adventures!

Spas are More Than Just a Tool for Romance

The best part of hot tubs, in our humble opinions, is being able to use them year-round, even during the hottest days of summer—although you may wait until later at night to enjoy their bubbling waters! Offering a quietly romantic way to spend your date night, their health benefits make the average hot tub a necessity in life! Soaking tired muscles after a long day of manual labor helps limit the need for medication, while the heat and relaxation it offers can help you wind down from a stressful day. If you’re currently building a pool, adding a hot tub during the building process can save you money; it’s a win-win situation for your soon to be backyard oasis!

Give Us a Call Today to Learn About Heated Pools in Phoenix

Your pool parties and date nights deserve the added boost of fun, and we at New Image Landscape and Pools are about having more fun! Contact us today to learn more about our services and heated pools in Phoenix!

3 New Arizona Pool Design Ideas to Make Your Backyard Stand Out

Remember the days when very few people had pools in their backyard, and those that did had to stick to two basic designs? With very few exceptions (Liberace’s piano shaped pool, for one!), the standard homeowner’s pool was built in the shape of a rectangle or a kidney. It made the design process a lot easier to complete but said nothing about the owner’s personality!

Today, however, the only limits to your pool design is your imagination—and your budget, of course! To get you started on the path to innovation, we’ve created this guide to three new Arizona pool design ideas that will make your backyard stand out.

Recessed Lounge Area

Your pool is guaranteed to be the talk of the neighborhood when you include a recessed lounge area that is perfect for socializing, tanning, and staying dry on those days you don’t want to worry about your hair! Built-in concrete seating, cushions, and a built-in table can be the focus of your backyard oasis; just add friends and alcohol (no glass!) and you have the ingredients for a perfect pool party.

Zero-Edge Pools

This breathtaking Arizona pool design idea(also called the infinity edge)has become popular in yards with a view,and your home in the foothills is perfect for the zero-edge look. Seemingly going on forever,as you sit in a lounge chair at the other end of your pool, your view of the valley will be enhanced by the crystal-clearwaters of your new pool. Add a firepit in the center or along the edges and your neighbors will be green with envy!

Create an Oasis

When you really want to impress, your cool new pool offers many opportunities to enhance its natural beauty. From cascading waterfalls to hot tubs to lazy rivers,your backyard will stand out against the sea of ordinary! Add a koi pond and a bridge that crosses the pond for maximum wow factor.Your backyard oasis is the one place in your life that will never let you down.

New Image Landscape and Pools for Great Arizona Pool Design Ideas

Going above and beyond the norm can be a scary experience, especially if you don’t have the knowledge to determine if what you are dreaming about can be done! When it’s time to stop dreaming and start constructing, give New Image Landscape and Pools a call. We have the knowledge and experience to give you the backyard of your dreams!

Pool Features to Add for Summer Fun

In case you haven’t noticed simply by stepping outside and feeling the sun scorching your skin, the summer heat has begun and our days of hiking, biking, and enjoying al fresco dinners have come to a temporary end. For the next 5 or 6 months air conditioning and your brand new pool will be your best friend and protector against the evil desert heat! If you’re in the process of building your new pool, or even if you have an existing pool, these new pool features will ensure your summer will be filled with fun, laughter, and most importantly, much needed coolness!

Adding a Slide

Fun for children of ALL ages—and yes, that includes your 44-year-old husband—a slide adds hours of fun to your pool adventures and offers a great chance to get a little extra exercise in as well! After climbing up the steps, then sliding into the water, then climbing up the steps (you get the idea!), you’ll enjoy the tight muscles on your calves at the end of the summer! And because a slide can be added at any time, as long as you have the room, it’s a great addition to an existing pool.

LED Lighting

Night time is the best time to swim during the hottest days of summer. Even if the water is warm, it still manages to cool down your core to allow you to enjoy a deep and peaceful sleep. And while your existing pool light works perfectly fine, the array of colors available in LED lighting makes your night swimming more fun and provides a beautiful glow to your backyard setting.

Chasing Waterfalls Can Be Fun

The sight of water streaming over rocks is a peaceful one, and when that waterfall is in your pool, it serves multiple purposes. Adding a sense of peace, the sounds of serenity, and most importantly, it can cool the waters allowing you to swim comfortably for a much longer period of time. A pool with a waterfall can add value to your home, and while the procedure for installing one on an existing pool isn’t as simple as adding a slide or lighting, it can be done.

New Image Landscape and Pools Has Your Back

You deserve to be as comfortable as you can during our long and difficult Arizona summers, and we at New Image Landscape and Pools are here to help you achieve that comfort with exciting pool features. Give us a call today and let’s get started on making your pool not just functional, but a fun and welcoming spot in your own personal oasis!

Pool Bar Phoenix: What are They and Why Do You Need One?

Memorial Day Weekend is the official start of summer in Arizona, even though the 100+ degree temperatures we had in April make it seem as if we should already be nearing the end of the summer solstice! As the days grow longer, our pool time becomes a very important recreational activity. Practicing cannonballs with the kids, floating atop the crystal blue waters with an icy beverage and a hot summer best seller, sitting at the pool bar drinking the tasty tropical drinks made by your amateur bartender/spouse—these lazy day experiences are what we wait for the entire year. Why not improve the experience with a pool bar Phoenix? You’ve seen them in fancy hotels, but were you aware they can be designed for residential use as well? Your summer celebrations will get exponentially better if you install one for yourself!

The Concept is Simple and Brilliant

Have you ever considered how much time you waste climbing in and out of the pool simply to refresh your favorite summer beverage? A swim-up pool bar Phoenix allows you to save time and stay cool, as you never have to leave the water! It can be as simple as you like, consisting of a single concrete bar and a few pool stools, or as elaborate as you have ever dreamed possible. If you have the space, consider building an outdoor kitchen nearby so you can spend all your summer hours enjoying the oasis that is your backyard! The only limits are the boundaries of your imagination.

There’s just a couple rules to pool bars. First, the pool bar should be in the shallow end of the pool, with the stools allowing you to remain partially submerged and the bar itself standing about six inches above the pool coping. Second, and the most important rule of all, your pool bar should be used as much as humanly possible throughout the summer! You work hard and deserve to be able to play hard as well.

Choosing Your Pool Bar Phoenix

Your choices are virtually limitless, but your options as to what bar to choose may not be. You can’t go grand and impressive with a small play pool, and if your pool is Olympic-sized, a simple counter and a couple of stools may look less than stellar. Sitting down with our experts at New Image Landscape and Pools will ensure that the pool bar you choose fits like a glove AND impresses your neighbors and friends. Give us a call today and lets discuss how we can up the cool quotient of your backyard oasis with a swim-up pool bar Phoenix!

Top Reasons for Installing a Hot Tub

Whenever we vacation, one of our top qualifications for determining if the accommodations are superior to others is the presence of a hot tub. If there is no hot tub, we feel let down and the trip is ruined, but if there IS a hot tub on the premises, nothing can go wrong! Everyone loves a hot tub, and the best news is you don’t have to wait for vacation to go for a soak; we can install one in your yard right now! We see the smile brimming on your face, and we can tell it won’t take much more to convince you, so we’re going to continue prodding you with a list of the top reasons to install a hot tub!

Getting Older Isn’t for the Weak

Has it become a game trying to remember how you got that pain each morning? Arthritis in the hands, tendonitis in the elbows, or old faithful: the achy breaky back that simply likes to make an appearance periodically to show you that the aging process is winning! These aches and pains can be reduced or eliminated by an evening soak in the hot tub which would be conveniently located in your backyard!

Alleviate Stress

From traffic jams to sick kids to angry bosses to broken appliances, the list of worries and irritants in our lives grows longer every day, and while a hot tub may not remove the stresses from our lives, it sure does help make it easier to deal with them! Quiet moments spent “simmering” in a heated mass of bubbles with your headphones playing your favorite songs can be all you need to forget about the day.

Sports Injuries

You don’t have to be growing older to be in pain; sports injuries are the most popular reasons for purchasing a hot tub! Work out too hard? Soak in the tub. Sprain an ankle? Ice, then heat (the hot tub provides the heat, of course), then ice again! Whatever the injury, the soothing massage of heated bubbles can help reduce your recovery time by quite a large percentage!

You Deserve It!

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are and it’s silly to wait for another vacation to reward yourself! Your sanctuary will not be complete until you are able to sit outside on a cool winter’s night enjoying a glass of wine as you soak away the troubles of a hard day’s work! Give us a call today and let’s discover together how New Image Landscape and Pools can improve your quality of life with the installation of a brand-new hot tub!

3D Pool Modeling

Have you ever had difficulty coming up with the right words and details on what you are looking for in your professionally designed pool? If so, you are not alone! Many landscape designers understand that specifying the perfect details can be difficult for many consumers. When paying for a custom-built pool, most consumers expect that the design in their head is perfectly created for complete satisfaction.

Technological advances in landscape designing have made this process easier for those looking to bring these ideas to fruition. One such process is the implementation of 3D pool modeling: using computer software to design the pool of your dreams. No longer do you have to look at a hand-drawn, two-dimensional draft when you can see your dream pool in all its three-dimensional glory!

How Does 3D Pool Modeling Work?

Professional landscape designers will use the ideas from their clients and create a computer-generated model that is life-like. Seeing this creation can make it much easier for clients to determine which features are best for them. 3D pool modeling can give you the life-like quality of a design that simple sketches just simply cannot match.

3D pool modeling software can also help you determine what size and shape will fit your needs and available space. The width, length, and depth of the pool can be shown to accurately mimic how the design will appear in your backyard. You can see how the pool can accent the rest of your backyard decorations. How your dream pool aesthetically looks with your backyard landscape is just as important as the technical dimensions!

How Can You Take Advantage of 3D Pool Modeling?

By going through a professional landscape company who utilizes 3D pool modeling, you can have the benefit of seeing your thoughts and designs come to life. Not only can you see your dream pool in 3D, but you can also make the construction more cost efficient by planning around any modifications you may want to make later on.

For those living in the Greater Phoenix area in Arizona, contact the professionals at New Image Landscape and Pools LLC. The team at New Image use state-of-the-art 3D pool modeling to make sure your dream pool is realized and thoughtfully planned out before construction is started. You can contact them today for a consultation and see how they draft your specially designed pool with their software. Build your dream home with New Image Landscape and Pools today!