Pool Bar Phoenix: What are They and Why Do You Need One?

Memorial Day Weekend is the official start of summer in Arizona, even though the 100+ degree temperatures we had in April make it seem as if we should already be nearing the end of the summer solstice! As the days grow longer, our pool time becomes a very important recreational activity. Practicing cannonballs with the kids, floating atop the crystal blue waters with an icy beverage and a hot summer best seller, sitting at the pool bar drinking the tasty tropical drinks made by your amateur bartender/spouse—these lazy day experiences are what we wait for the entire year. Why not improve the experience with a pool bar Phoenix? You’ve seen them in fancy hotels, but were you aware they can be designed for residential use as well? Your summer celebrations will get exponentially better if you install one for yourself!

The Concept is Simple and Brilliant

Have you ever considered how much time you waste climbing in and out of the pool simply to refresh your favorite summer beverage? A swim-up pool bar Phoenix allows you to save time and stay cool, as you never have to leave the water! It can be as simple as you like, consisting of a single concrete bar and a few pool stools, or as elaborate as you have ever dreamed possible. If you have the space, consider building an outdoor kitchen nearby so you can spend all your summer hours enjoying the oasis that is your backyard! The only limits are the boundaries of your imagination.

There’s just a couple rules to pool bars. First, the pool bar should be in the shallow end of the pool, with the stools allowing you to remain partially submerged and the bar itself standing about six inches above the pool coping. Second, and the most important rule of all, your pool bar should be used as much as humanly possible throughout the summer! You work hard and deserve to be able to play hard as well.

Choosing Your Pool Bar Phoenix

Your choices are virtually limitless, but your options as to what bar to choose may not be. You can’t go grand and impressive with a small play pool, and if your pool is Olympic-sized, a simple counter and a couple of stools may look less than stellar. Sitting down with our experts at New Image Landscape and Pools will ensure that the pool bar you choose fits like a glove AND impresses your neighbors and friends. Give us a call today and lets discuss how we can up the cool quotient of your backyard oasis with a swim-up pool bar Phoenix!

Top Reasons for Installing a Hot Tub

Whenever we vacation, one of our top qualifications for determining if the accommodations are superior to others is the presence of a hot tub. If there is no hot tub, we feel let down and the trip is ruined, but if there IS a hot tub on the premises, nothing can go wrong! Everyone loves a hot tub, and the best news is you don’t have to wait for vacation to go for a soak; we can install one in your yard right now! We see the smile brimming on your face, and we can tell it won’t take much more to convince you, so we’re going to continue prodding you with a list of the top reasons to install a hot tub!

Getting Older Isn’t for the Weak

Has it become a game trying to remember how you got that pain each morning? Arthritis in the hands, tendonitis in the elbows, or old faithful: the achy breaky back that simply likes to make an appearance periodically to show you that the aging process is winning! These aches and pains can be reduced or eliminated by an evening soak in the hot tub which would be conveniently located in your backyard!

Alleviate Stress

From traffic jams to sick kids to angry bosses to broken appliances, the list of worries and irritants in our lives grows longer every day, and while a hot tub may not remove the stresses from our lives, it sure does help make it easier to deal with them! Quiet moments spent “simmering” in a heated mass of bubbles with your headphones playing your favorite songs can be all you need to forget about the day.

Sports Injuries

You don’t have to be growing older to be in pain; sports injuries are the most popular reasons for purchasing a hot tub! Work out too hard? Soak in the tub. Sprain an ankle? Ice, then heat (the hot tub provides the heat, of course), then ice again! Whatever the injury, the soothing massage of heated bubbles can help reduce your recovery time by quite a large percentage!

You Deserve It!

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are and it’s silly to wait for another vacation to reward yourself! Your sanctuary will not be complete until you are able to sit outside on a cool winter’s night enjoying a glass of wine as you soak away the troubles of a hard day’s work! Give us a call today and let’s discover together how New Image Landscape and Pools can improve your quality of life with the installation of a brand-new hot tub!

3D Pool Modeling

Have you ever had difficulty coming up with the right words and details on what you are looking for in your professionally designed pool? If so, you are not alone! Many landscape designers understand that specifying the perfect details can be difficult for many consumers. When paying for a custom-built pool, most consumers expect that the design in their head is perfectly created for complete satisfaction.

Technological advances in landscape designing have made this process easier for those looking to bring these ideas to fruition. One such process is the implementation of 3D pool modeling: using computer software to design the pool of your dreams. No longer do you have to look at a hand-drawn, two-dimensional draft when you can see your dream pool in all its three-dimensional glory!

How Does 3D Pool Modeling Work?

Professional landscape designers will use the ideas from their clients and create a computer-generated model that is life-like. Seeing this creation can make it much easier for clients to determine which features are best for them. 3D pool modeling can give you the life-like quality of a design that simple sketches just simply cannot match.

3D pool modeling software can also help you determine what size and shape will fit your needs and available space. The width, length, and depth of the pool can be shown to accurately mimic how the design will appear in your backyard. You can see how the pool can accent the rest of your backyard decorations. How your dream pool aesthetically looks with your backyard landscape is just as important as the technical dimensions!

How Can You Take Advantage of 3D Pool Modeling?

By going through a professional landscape company who utilizes 3D pool modeling, you can have the benefit of seeing your thoughts and designs come to life. Not only can you see your dream pool in 3D, but you can also make the construction more cost efficient by planning around any modifications you may want to make later on.

For those living in the Greater Phoenix area in Arizona, contact the professionals at New Image Landscape and Pools LLC. The team at New Image use state-of-the-art 3D pool modeling to make sure your dream pool is realized and thoughtfully planned out before construction is started. You can contact them today for a consultation and see how they draft your specially designed pool with their software. Build your dream home with New Image Landscape and Pools today!

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Landscape and Pool

If you want to set a goal for this year, maybe you should set a goal for your Arizona yard. It’s a lot of space; you should use it to its full potential. Make one of these resolutions and you’ll be able to brag about them all year—once you follow through, of course!

Get Rid of Dead Space

You might have a little, you might have a lot, but odds are you have some spot in your yard that is nothing special—just dirt. Find out what you can do to make this Arizona landscaping more appealing, from rock features that complement the yard to small plants that lend some life to the picture.

Use the Patio Table

Like fire extinguishers, patio tables are way more common than their usage frequency might suggest. And since patio tables aren’t potentially life-saving, why have them? This year, go out and enjoy your patio table more! And if necessary, incentivize this by installing a pagoda, then hook up some fans, misters, and/or a TV. Before you know it, your friends will want to use your patio table, too.

Remove the Ugly Plants

Have you been leaving an ugly plant in your Arizona yard just because you don’t want to get rid of it? Be honest: Is that plant probably or certainly dead? This year, finally get rid of it—and discover what an opportunity you’ve been missing out on. With that space open, new ideas will flood to your mind—and if not to yours, ask us! We can even give you ideas on what that space could be before we take the old wood out.

Spice Up the Pool

In Arizona, you can use your pool six months a year or more. It’s good for relaxation, it’s good for exercise, it’s good for social occasions… it just isn’t always good to look at, and sometimes you look at it and just see a hole in the ground. This year, make your pool stand out. Install misting systems, jet fountains, or spillover spas to turn your aquatic playground into a work of art.

Cut Down Your Costs

You may find your backyard Arizona landscaping isn’t worth what it’s costing you. If that’s the case, pitch the current design or modify it to lower costs, including energy and, especially, water—landscaping is probably the most water-thirsty thing your house does. So, call up New Image Landscape and Pools and see why we’re one of the best Arizona landscapers.

New Year, New Image

If these resolutions sound good to you, contact New Image Landscape and Pools at 480-654-4422. We’ll help anyone in the East Valley improve their yard and their year with our fabulously-reviewed services. Find out why we’re one of the best landscapers in AZ!

The Importance of Shock in a Pool

You may have heard the term “shock” pool bandied about among pool owners. This is actually a very important aspect of pool maintenance. Shocking a swimming pool—also called super chlorination—is actually a very important step in pool management, so it’s important that you understand the when, why, and how of shocking a pool. Most pool owners don’t even think about shocking their pools until they step out and see either algae, cloudy water, or both. However, by shocking the pool, these issues can be avoided.

Why Do You Need to Shock Your Pool?

When people swim in the pool, organics and contaminants are introduced into the water through things like saliva, sweat, skin cells, body lotions, urine, and many other such things. Natural contaminants such as leaves and dirt can also contaminate the water. These substances are a food source for algae and bacteria. Using pool sanitizers (such as chlorine) can kill the bacteria/algae and breakdown contaminants.

Types of Pool Shock

Essentially, there are two different types of pool shock: chlorine and non-chlorine. When using chlorine, the levels of chlorine in the pool raised very high to destroy contaminants. When using this type of pool shock, you have to wait for the chlorine levels to lower to normal levels before you can use the pool. This can take time, and testing is required.

With non-chlorine treatments, potassium monopersulfate is used rather than chlorine. While it is effective at oxidizing contaminants, it will not kill bacteria. The main benefit of this type of pool shock is that you don’t have as long of a wait to use the pool afterwards.

Maintaining your pool’s proper chemical balance can reduce the need to shock your pool. And of course, this is done through regular maintenance and monitoring of chemical levels. However, you may find that even the best monitoring and care can cause issues with your pool. This can happen through heavy use, after a rain or windstorm, or even after a water change.

The professionals at New Image Landscape and Pools understand all the intricacies of caring for your pool and the times when it may be necessary to shock your pool. If you feel your pool needs a shock, or you just want more information about the proper maintenance and care, just give us a call.

How to Make Your Pool High-Tech!

Technology can be a wonderful thing. It can make our chores easier and allow us to spend more time enjoying our technology-driven playthings and less time maintaining them. Take your average backyard pool, for example. In the old days, we were lucky to have a kidney shaped pool with a single light and a single-phase pump circulating the pool, with no more than a 1.0 or 1.5 horsepower motor. Today’s technology, however, offers bells and whistles you never dreamed of, with most actions being controlled by a single app on your phone, computer, or tablet. Lower energy bills, colorful lights, and pools that clean themselves can be yours when you turn your pool into a smart pool with technology and automation.

Integrated into Your Smart Home System

A smart home plus a smart pool equals one very happy homeowner, and most automation systems will integrate with your smart home systems. The automation total control system will replace your traditional subpanel breaker box, with all the leading manufacturers making smart systems to automate their own equipment. Start with a variable speed pump, the latest and greatest ways to circulate, filter, and clean your pool while using less energy, thereby costing less money. These money savers are required by law in most states, including Arizona, California, and Nevada, and can be controlled by the smart app on your phone.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

The standard pool cleaners are water powered gadgets that randomly run around the pool only when the pump is circulating, but a robotic cleaner runs independent from the pool equipment, plugs into an outlet, maps out your pool, and never covers the same spot twice. They also do a better job at climbing and scrubbing the walls; the only downside is they won’t connect to your smart pool app. Some cleaners do have their own separate app, however, and can cost you anywhere from $800 to $1800 depending on the sophistication of the unit.

LED Lighting & Water Features

Advances in pool technology have also improved the lighting and water feature areas of your pool. LED lighting connects to your pool app and offers a variety of colors and modes that can be set to go on and off with timers controlled by your app. Smaller accent lights can be used in shallower and darker areas of your pool, thus illuminating them better for nighttime swimming. Finally, LED sheer descents provide a glasslike waterfall effect, and LED-lighted jets offer a pool lighting show that will amaze and awe your family and friends!

Let New Image Landscape and Pools Help You Make Your Pool Life Easier

Give us a call and let’s start a conversation about how smart technology can change your life!

Top Five Tips for Irrigating a Large Lawn in Arizona

You’ve got the property, you’ve got the house, and you’ve got the lawn—a big, beautiful, lush green lawn. You’ve also got the desert environment of Arizona, but you’re determined to keep your perfect lawn from succumbing to the arid Southwestern climate, even in the face of blistering heat and periodic water usage restrictions. There are a whole host of things you can do to minimize water usage, yet still keep your lawn healthy and happy, too many to list here; however, here’s the top five lawn maintenance tricks you can do to maintain a thriving lawn even under the most adverse of conditions.


Instead of watering your lawn daily, water every two to three days. In the evening is the best time to water, as the heat of the day will cause evaporation and the water doesn’t have a chance to get to the roots. Be sure that your sprinklers are watering only the grass, not the driveway or walkways. If you haven’t already, replace your sprinkler heads with water-economical sprinkler heads, and if you have a broken one, replace it immediately. Putting a timer on your irrigation system ensures that your lawn will receive the right amount of water at the right times. Low areas with puddles should be leveled to ensure even water distribution.


Creating shaded or semi-shaded areas will minimize water usage. It is advisable to put multiple timers on different segments of your irrigation system, allowing full control of watering time and frequency in different areas; shaded areas do not need as much water as full sun areas.


When mowing, leave the grass clippings on your lawn rather than using a grass catcher. The clippings will mulch into the lawn and create a protective moisture-holding layer. As they decay, they also provide nutrients to the roots, so your lawn will require less fertilizer over time. Don’t cut your lawn super-short, as the soil will dry out quicker. Adjust your mower height to its highest or close to it. Taller grass blades help mitigate rapid evaporation.


Even if you had put down an ample layer of topsoil when you originally seeded your lawn, over time the organic matter deteriorates, becomes devoid of essential nutrients, and loses its water retention capacities. Annually topping your lawn with a layer of sphagnum peat moss will restore the moisture-holding top layer, and as it gradually composts into the soil it will nourish the roots and improve soil structure. Top dress your lawn with a 1/4- to 1/2-inch layer of peat moss and rake it in.


Using an aerating tool on your lawn allows the roots access to oxygen that is necessary for healthy root growth. Aerating also improves water and fertilizer retention capacity, and alleviates soil compaction, making for deeper root growth and a healthy, vigorous lawn that requires less watering.

Unique Features for Your Pool

The pool world has come a long way from the days when your only add-ons included a love seat carved out of the plaster, a rickety slide on the side of the pool, and a plain diving board secured to the pool deck. Today’s pools can be a luxurious oasis of fun and excitement guaranteed to turn your back yard into THE spot to be on those long hot days of summer. We at New Image Landscape and Pools keep up to date on the latest and greatest updates in the pool world, allowing you to create an entertainment area you never dreamed possible.

Splash Pads

Sometimes a pool is just not in your budget, but if you have young kids and you’re looking for ways to keep cool in the summer, a splash pad can be your best solution. Splash pads aren’t just for public areas anymore; there are a wide variety of ones designed for residential use as well, and they can be as simple or elaborate as your budget allows.

Swim-Up Bars

Water fun isn’t just for kids, and when you add a swim-up bar to your pool, your home will become the social site of the entire neighborhood! Concrete bar stools allow you to sit at the bar and partake in your favorite beverage; create a grotto bar and summer kitchen and you may not spend much time INSIDE your house until the cooler temperatures of winter arrive!

Fire Bowls

Fire and water mix in these luxurious bowls created from copper or stone, and visitors will be charmed at the beauty. Give your backyard the look of a Greek god’s play zone with a few (or just one) strategically placed fire bowls and enjoy the dramatic beauty of fire reflecting on the water every night.

LED Lights

Boring white lights and turquoise waters are a thing of the past when you add an LED light to your existing pool. Choose between vibrant violets, fiery reds, grassy greens, and many other colors, or let the light cycle through all the colors, turning your night time pool into a kaleidoscope of wonder!

Grottos with Waterfalls

Enjoy the romance of sitting behind your own personal waterfall on a summer’s night when you include a grotto and waterfall to your pool construction. Add copper fire bowls and LED lights and your Arizona pool party will become the event of the season!

Schedule an appointment with us today and discover how much cooler you can be while staying cool in the summer!

5 Ways to Turn Your Backyard into a Summer Sun Refuge

Some people think that Arizonans can’t enjoy the outdoors in summer; this is simply not true. Your yard is a beautiful part of your home, and you should be able to enjoy it any time of year. To work around the scorching summers, consider these five landscaping features you can add to your backyard:

Pagodas and Ramadas

These features are ideal for creating shade, and work best with other man-made features such as chairs, tables, and built-in barbecues. They provide the perfect place for congregating, whether for breakfast or a party. They’re also popular places to mount TVs and sound systems—for some, the shade is just a bonus!

Shade Trees

Trees can take some investment, but are well worth the outcome. Not only do they add natural beauty to your yard, but they also provide protection from the sun. Consider combining shade trees with other features to minimize how much sunlight hits your favorite places in the yard—for instance, having shade trees that will block the sunlight from hitting beneath your pagoda until the sun is high enough for the pagoda to be in the shade.


Arizona may be the only place where people complain that their pool is too hot, but waterfalls are a clever way to address that complaint. Add a waterfall to your pool, and even the sound it makes will feel refreshing! It adds place of respite to the pool, where you can float or stand beneath the cascade and let it cool you off.


These are popularly employed by restaurants to make their outdoor seating areas more pleasant—why not have them in your own backyard? Misters can be set up right next to the pool to make lounging more luxurious, or can be mounted from pagodas and ramadas to make seating areas all the nicer. Just turn them on whenever you go out you’ll no longer dread the heat!


Without proper lighting, you can’t enjoy your backyard at night—which is, by definition, the best time to avoid the sun. Lighting should be considered after you’ve already decided on what you want your backyard to be for. Do you expect you’ll be enjoying nighttime swims, or are you aiming for backyard barbecues? When you know what you want out of your backyard, look at how the right lighting can improve the experience.

All These and More!

If you want to enjoy any of these sun-busting features this summer, call New Image Landscape and Pools today at 480-654-4422 to get your renovations underway!

Arizona Pool Tips to Give Some Reprieve from the Sun

Wondering how you can bring shade to your pool and get a break from the sun? Well, New Image Landscape and Pools has some great options to make your pool a hub for relaxation. Check out our Arizona pool tips and ideas below!

Pool Bars

A pool bar is exactly what you think it is! It’s a bar complete with bar stools, a surface to place your drink, and an area where the bartender and the drinks stay dry! The pool bar comes with a shaded structure, like an umbrella to keep you and your drinks cool. Just swim up to your pool bar, have a drink and enjoy a nice read. You won’t regret having shade that also provides your favorite drinks!


This easy to install shade structure resembles a gazebo, just with a little more flair and design! A pagoda consists of four posts and multiple beams across the top. Pagodas can be decorated with vines or used as an additional space for entertainment near your pool. The word pagoda originally refers to Hindu and Buddhist temples that were created with Asian influence and multiple tiers. Though the landscape version has a simpler purpose, feel free to let history inspire the design of your pagoda by adding some ornamental flair to it. You and your guests will feel as if you are enjoying an oasis in a faraway land!


Including a waterfall in your pool has multiple benefits! But if designed just right, your waterfall can create a magical resting place behind its falling water—a shady and cool enclave! This feature stands out among the other benefits in that it provides a quiet oasis where one can escape the harsh desert sun and find a place to meditate on the beauty of streaming water. So make sure when including your waterfall that you dream up a design that includes a shady enclave where you can sit and take in the coolness of your oasis!

Contact Us for More Arizona Pool Tips

Did you find yourself feeling excited while reading about these shade structures? If so, we want to help take that excitement and translate it into a design that will make your dream pool a reality. We will help you with the logistics of details, designs and the work it will take to make it happen. Contact us today to learn more about how to get started and receive our services!